Coalition in Iraq: eager to provide the prerequisites for the success of the National Conference
21/01/2012 20:44

Baghdad / Orr News
Coalition in Iraq announced his commitment to provide the prerequisites for the success of the National Conference to be held soon.
The coalition said in a statement today: "that while the GOES when efforts to prepare for the National Conference to be held in the near future, the Iraqi bloc is keen to provide the prerequisites for the success of the conference and provide an enabling policy environment leading up to the national consensus on national issues important to the still pending and waiting for the resolution, At the forefront of an urgent review of files of innocent detainees and prisoners of conscience, and stop the campaign of arbitrary arrests, which has escalated over the past few days longer different areas of Iraq, which indicates that a coalition of state law to Aasay also claims to calm and provide a relaxed atmosphere are required for the success of the conference.
The statement added that in this context, Dr. Ayad Allawi, head of the coalition and all the coalition in Iraq Reaffirm the need to inform the leaders of the political process on the outcome of the investigation, which seems to have Cisse, and provide an atmosphere appropriate and honorable to fair and impartial trial of the vice president of the republic Tareq al-Hashemi, and to end abuses is constitutional and non- legal suffered by Hashemi and Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Saleh al-Mutlaq and other Iraqi ministers.
The statement noted: "The Iraqi coalition Reaffirming his principled in addressing the wrongs suffered by innocent people have been deprived of liberty because of the betrayal or likeness, declaring his position of public opinion at home and abroad that his desire to deal with these files before the conference stems from his commitment to success In order to concentrate The participants in a timely manner to address the important national files and sensitive still waiting for a national consensus in question and end the political crisis in our beloved country.