State law: the return of the Iraqi government or serve as opposition parliamentary political process
21/01/2012 14:25

Baghdad / Orr News
MP for the coalition of state law Adnan lipoidica The return of the existing Iraqi government or the opposition bloc in parliament, serving the political process and unity, and in the interest of the Iraqi people and all the political blocs, he says.
He said: "The continuation of / Iraq / suspend its presence in both houses of parliament and ministers will not provide any service to its constituents or to the political process in the country, but on the contrary, he held a political position which everyone tries to reach for national solutions to its crises."

With regard to the required / Iraq / of the assurances by the National Congress, he asked lipoidica: "any assurances demanded by / Iraq /? And what happened until we give assurances?. He said that all agreements with the / Iraq / access, and challenged to come with a single, completed only Multi National Council of the Supreme policies rejected by Iyad Allawi, and several times while we did not reject, provided that the ceiling is higher against the constitution, as he put it.

The Iraqi List, said the continued suspension of attendance of meetings of the House of Representatives and the Minister, the return required to implement all the terms of Arbil.