Sadiq gum: options put forward by the Allawi is not new it is already on the table and consumers

20/01/2012 16:54:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad / p. X .... criticized the MP Sadiq gum member of a coalition of state law. Options put forward by the recent existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi to resolve the political crisis. Describing the proposals Palmsthlkh and unconstitutional and may impede the National Conference.

A reporter (and independent Iraqi news agency) said that chewing gum... The options Previously on the table and consumers is not new. More importantly, it is unconstitutional. It is not possible to apply the proposal to dissolve parliament at this sensitive stage.

The option to replace the Prime Minister, there are fully convinced of the National Alliance to keep al-Maliki as prime minister. There is no intention to replace it at all. He continued chewing on either the option of creating a national partnership. I think it was the application of Arbil in full agreement, but some of the things that can be negotiated and access solutions to them.

He added that these options are unproductive and unrealistic. Strangely enough, it came before the National Congress is expected. It any preconditions to the issue of obstructive Conference. This indicates that Allawi is not serious about the conference and access to realistic solutions.

Frankincense and stressed on the necessity of giving priority to the Constitution and make it a platform for the proposed solutions. For whenever he approached members of the political blocs of the Constitution and their solutions become realistic and close to the demands of the Iraqi people ...