House of Representatives vote on a law supporting small income-generating and resume discussion of the federal budget
2012-01-19 21:08:29

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... House of Representatives voted in the thirteenth session, held on Thursday under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives, Mr. Osama Najafi, and attended by 179 MPs on the bill that support small income-generating proceeded with the vote on the two bills as well as resume discussion of the federal budget for 2012.

A statement from the Department of the media in the Council that the meeting initiated by any of the Holy Quran then was followed by deputies from the Shabak and the participation of deputies of the blocks of multi-statement of condemnation of the crime of the terrorist bombing that targeted a residential complex for the citizens of the Shabak in Nineveh province on January 15 last, which led to a number of the martyrs and the wounded, demanding the federal governments in Baghdad and Nineveh in the local component of the support network and the formation of a committee, to be sent to the scene to compensate for the affected human and material losses.

Then read the House of Representatives in memory of Al-Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs in the face while Mr. Najafi for security and defense committee to study the statement and take the measures necessary to protect the wires.

The beauty of Mr. watermelon was sworn in as new, according to the Federal Court decision.
The Council decided to postpone the vote on the draft Fund Act to recover money Iraq and compensations and submitted by the committees of financial, economic and foreign relations in order to recover the financial rights of the Republic of Iraq, all obtained by others, of Iraqis and foreigners illegally as a result of the misuse of the oil-for Algmaebad that proceeded to vote on a number of material contained in the bill.

After the Council voted in principle to the draft Law on the Ministry of Science and Technology, submitted by the committees of higher education and scientific research and legal. And completed the Council vote on the bill that support small income-generating and submitted by the committees of the financial, economic and legal for the purpose of supporting these projects through provision of soft loans in the framework of the completion of the ability to use and employment in the Decent Work Agenda and to reduce the volume of unemployment and the expansion of the culture of self-employment and self-employment and encourage initiatives individual and private.

And the Council proceeded to vote on a draft law regulating the provisions for nomination for President of the Republic and the provisions of a deputy or more to the President and the report of the Legal Committee to elect the right person to such a position as the President of the Republic is the head of the state and the symbol of the unity of the nation and represents the sovereignty of the country and sees to ensure compliance with the Constitution and its application properly applied, fair and respect the rule of law and the protection of national unity and security of the country and the preservation of the independence of the Republic of Iraq and to ensure Saadthaly land and sky and waters, unity and territorial integrity and the proper functioning of state institutions of the Executive, legislative and judicial branches.

By the last Council began discussion of a bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2012. Interventions in the House of Representatives on the bill, called MP Najiba Najib increase financial allocations and powers to the provinces to exercise their role for the advancement of their provinces in addition to the installation of the rights of the Peshmerga forces in the bill.

The MP Mona Amiri was called to speed up passage of the budget and the release of grades away from the political differences and the need to cancel the allocation of social benefits and transferred to the provinces.

For his part, MP Mohammad Mehdi Nassiri to establish a plan to ease the pressure on the downtrodden class of society and work to provide their needs. For his part, MP Hamid Buffy the importance of reconsidering the public budget for the development of the various provinces to reduce the budget proposal to the sovereign by 25% and payment of the Kurdistan region since 2007.

And MP Abbas al-Bayati, the importance of allocating a special paragraph to equip the armed forces away from the budget of the ministries of interior and defense budget includes a provision that allows an increase pensions in the event of a surplus in oil prices.

For his part, urged the Attorney Aboud Issawi to increase the allocations of the Ministry of Water Resources to compensate the affected landowners frozen in the implementation of the project Allarroaii Shinafiyah. He noted Ihsan al-Awadi, deputy to the need to redress some of the southern provinces covered by private, non-petro-dollar project, which does not have the additional resources.

For its part, called MP-Saadi filled to initiate the development of the city of Al and a major paradigm shift in what it stands for religious and economic importance to the province of Baghdad. And noted the high MP Nassif to the need to make amendments to some of the articles contained in the draft budget law for the existence of allocations for some of the paragraphs without any legal justification.

MP Sabah al-Saadi has asked for the doors of exchange surplus for last year and the extent of achievement of the amount of expenditure from the allocations of the ministries in 2011 to 75 percent, according to an earlier decision by the Council of Representatives. He called Ammar Tohme to allocate a monthly grant for cancer patients, including at least 300 thousand dinars for each patient as well as the calculation of the actual service for the owners of the contracts for the purposes of the service.

For his part, MP Haji Mehdi allocation amounts for the General Census of the population for its implementation in the current year because of its importance in development. The MP criticized the lack of attention to the names of al-Musawi al-Sadr and Bmedinnta torch despite the allocation of funds each year for their development with attention to the need to provide sufficient police officers.

And MP Hassan Jihad on the importance of increasing financial allocations to implement Article 140 serves as covered in this article. He noted the Attorney Farhad Atrushi to oppose the budget with the political and economic philosophy of the country that are on the basis of democratic decentralization and federalism, which requires a review of it.

For his part, MP Najib Abdullah said the budget do not meet the ambitious, requiring the full attention of a variety of slices, including slice of retirees. MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan has focused on the importance of increasing financial allocations to ensure the continued operation of the ration card.

In its response to the interventions said Finance Committee Chairman MP Haider al-Abadi said the committee is considering for a mechanism or a way to increase the salaries of retirees, pointing to the existence of evolution in the mechanisms of recruitment and distribution of employment opportunities, pointing to the need for Baghdad to more care and attention to the level of services, adding that tourism revenues are not taken to receive by the government except for amounts visa. Meanwhile, Mr. Osama Najafi, Chairman of the Board that adoption of the federal budget will be combined with the arrival of the final accounts.

In turn, announced Mr. purity of net debt and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs announced the completion of the final accounts will be sent to the House of Representatives during the coming period, despite the existence of observations on the exchange by the deceased employees.
It was decided to adjourn the meeting on Saturday 21/01/2012