Stock market decline by 3% at the end of its weekly
19/01/2012 02:45

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Stock Exchange fell at the end of its weekly, Thursday, 3% to close at 125 points, after a decline in the rates of 31 companies out of 43 were traded during the session.
The stock closed the previous session on 129 points after falling by 0.3%.
During today's meeting, according to the Bulletin of data exchange, which is received by the agency (Voices of Iraq) a copy of them, traded billion and 409 million shares, valued at more than two billion dinars (about $ 1.8 million), through 801 contract traded.
The number of companies traded 43 companies out of 87 are listed electronically, the higher the rates of three companies, including the Ti_h green, and declined 31 companies other colored red, while preserving nine companies on the rates during the previous session, dropping the index by 3% to close at 125 points.
Non-Iraqi investors concluded a contract to buy 42 worth more than 15.9 million dinars on the sectors of banking, insurance, services, industry and agriculture, and non-Iraqis signed eight contracts for the sale of three million dinars worth of the sectors of banking, industry and services.
And characterize the banking sector by obtaining the highest trading volume by 59% through 372 contracts, more than one billion and 311 million on 16 companies, the average price of 11 companies, while four companies maintained the rates of the previous session.
What happened to the industrial sector for second place by 25% through more than 322 contracts of 567 million dinars on 11 companies, the average price of nine companies of which, the two companies maintained their rates during the previous session.
The agriculture sector during the third meeting today in terms of volume by 8%, through 25 contract traded at more than 194 million dinars on the four companies, the higher the rate of one company, the decrease in the other three companies.

Trading was simple on the sectors of hotels and services, investment and insurance.
The companies were the most for the record profit in today's session of the Babylon Hotel, which increased its share price by 0.7% to close to 34 dinars and 250 fils per share, and marketing of meat by 0.6% to close at seven dinars and 830 fils per share, and the Bank of Kurdistan by 0.5% to close at KD and 960 fils per share. The companies most affected were all from Baghdad, Iraq, public transport, which slowed its share price by 10% to close to 58 dinars and 320 fils per share, and the Bank of the economy by 9.8% to close at dinars and 280 fils per share, and United Bank by 8.8% to close at two dinars and 360 fils per share , and metal and motorcycles increased by 6.2% to close at KD 500 fils per share.