Baghdad (newsletter). Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said during a meeting of ambassadors and diplomatic missions accredited in Iraq that the country is moving to a new phase of nation building and development of the economy and strengthening the democratic system and access to the Constitution and the law in resolving all the problems facing it.
Maliki said in a statement sent to (Agency news News) said Thursday: we strive to establish better relations with the countries of the world on the basis of mutuality of interests and non-interference and activating agreements and memoranda of cooperation in all areas and contribute to the reconstruction process.
He added: we are concerned about the problems in Iraq and urge to overcome on the basis of a written Constitution.
Called: friendly States to non-interference in the internal affairs of Iraq in helping to resolve and overcome and respect for Iraqi sovereignty, for the first time on audio brings Iraq to abide by the Constitution, which deprived the Iraqis over the decades, the Constitution is the Supreme Governor of the Iraqis, regardless of affiliation, the salient features of a dictatorial regime.
He said: we want to have the Constitution is the master position, and we hope that everyone involved in the National Conference to agree on solving our problems to return to the Constitution, reiterated his support for granting broad powers to the provinces under the Constitution, to contribute their own autonomous provinces in the management and the responsibilities of the Federal Government.
He said that there was a need for legislation by the House to move to increase the powers of provinces.
He continued: we are facing problems in normal political life in a country becomes a central railway system to a democratic federal system in which power is distributed, and needs to be further
Constitutional culture and democratic practice


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