Shell: Iraq is a key area to develop the gas sector
On: Wed, 18/01/2012 19:02

Citizen - the follow-up
Said Executive Vice President of Shell Global Mark Carney that Iraq is a prime area for development of the gas sector in the world. He said Carney in a panel discussion on the sidelines of the World Summit for Future Energy 2012 held in Abu Dhabi «that 700 cubic feet of gas are burned every day in the Iraqi refineries without the benefit of them and announced that Shell is seeking to preserve these resources for use in Iraq's needs of the internal energy, described Carney this project that is very exciting as it will make a real difference to the future of Iraq ».
He went on to say that Shell focuses on the production of gas as an alternative to coal in power plants .. Stressing that the priority for Shell is the gas which is cleaner than fossil fuels last year was the first in the history of the company, which runs for a hundred years, which is the largest gas production from oil ». Iraqi officials have announced when awarding contracts development and investment of the three gas fields in October 2010 with the international companies that Iraq will be the first time in the introduction of gas producing countries in the world.
And reveal the research of Iraq and the International that burn per day of Iraqi gas enough to supply Jordan, for example twice with electric power, and to mobilize 300 thousand gas cylinder per day, determined by the Commission on oil and gas of Iraq's parliamentary that the loss of Iraq from the burning gas is 80 million dollars a day!
Experts predict that Iraq will be a few years the tenth gas producer on a global scale ..
In the phenomenon of unprecedented flowed into it suddenly neighboring countries and European countries both show interest in gas-Iraqi formed consortium of Austrian and Hungarian and UAE announce a plan of action, worth eight billion dollars to pump a sufficient amount of gas in Iraq is enough for Iraq and neighboring countries and to meet some European demand . A report prepared by the specialized agencies of the United Nations in October: »that Iraq is on its way to become a great power, new oil».
And on the gas reserves in Iraq, the report said the rate of gas reserves reliable about 3.100 which is equivalent to about 15 billion barrels of standard cubic meters of oil, but there is still gas reserves, this is not used properly.