Basra, Sa'ad Al-sammaksee Basra matchup by foreign investors and global companies to win contracts to implement projects in various economic sectors, with conservative Premier unveiled a plan to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the areas earmarked for investment, the investment body agreed with South oil company Basra to customize areas in the oil regions for the implementation of projects in this sector.
He said Basra Governorate Council Chairman albzoni morning for "morning": local government initiated action plan prepared for the rehabilitation of infrastructure in areas earmarked for investment, with a view to attracting investment and international companies that plan and include the rehabilitation of areas designated for the implementation of projects in various sectors of industrial, agricultural, financial and manufacturing and construction and housing ports. referring to the albzoni that the Italian Advisory Office tasked with preparation of engineering design and detailed surveys of large marine port of Faw on the verge of completing its work, which opens the door to competition to win him over by port investment Total four billion euros.
Completion of the large port of Faw promised that the basis for the sustainable development of the County and Iraq as a whole and restore the country's role in the international economy moves. noted that local government is planning to invest in the development of the territories ' annual pops up to trillions dinars, in addition to its share of "petrodollar, hire this project implementation and development plan of the port project, stressing that there are additional steps to provide logistical support to investments in oil and port installations and petrochemical industries and the residential sector was a Chinese delegation included representatives of companies and investors and representatives of the Chinese Government, visited Basra on Past week, and interviewed local government and conservative investment body to look at investment opportunities in Basra. for its part, the Chinese delegation source described the port of Faw as a great engine of the global economy, particularly after the influential composition changes polarizations motivational centres of growth in the world, saying that companies and Chinese investors determined to win it.
In the offline, according to Chief Investment Basra behind BADRAN said in a statement for "morning", he agreed with the Director-General of the South oil company to provide land areas in the oil regions for the purpose of putting them to invest in projects within the logistics industry, stressing that oil Basra lacks investment zones for the fact that most of its territory or subject to either the oil company Iraqi ports authority, adding that some 70 percent of the administrative boundaries of the conservation zones are marked as oil, with control of ports and implications 15 Percent of the rest of the territory of the province.
And between Badran handpicked local government last month as Chairman of the investment, the action plan prepared by his top priorities when tsnmh opens doors to investors and global corporations and to facilitate their work in various areas through the provision of spaces earmarked for investment in maintenance, wishing to be a national project investment associated with the economics of all sectors of Government and private and hybrid.
He stressed that this concept will enable all sectors of the country and create reasons for sustainable development and the special capital reserve of the country's GNP and the disposal of the national economy dependent on oil revenues and head of the body ... on the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding with the Member of the House of Lords and President of the charitable foundation "Ammar" Baroness Emma Nicholson international to establish economic conference next month in Basra.
He said that the Commission discussed with Baroness Nicholson table requirements for the preparations for the Conference to be attended by some leading British companies, including BP and shell, the oil companies that specialize in different industries and financial houses. the objective of establishing the Conference definition and inform companies and investors on the realities of the economic nature of Basra investment opportunities and listen to what is proposed by participants at the Conference in itself and, Commission Vice President Haydar Ali permission for "morning", the country's oil industry and specializes in energy, offered to body invested Basra A project to invest in oil service sector and building warehouses for logistical support to the companies developed for oil fields within the licensing rounds.
He recently met with the Director of the finance company and responsible for European and Asian oil companies to establish oil service areas in economic areas near port reported that Qatar had implemented many projects in the North of the country and all over the world, noting that it seeks to expand its investment in the world by entering Iraq and particularly areas south of the country for being the axis of oil investment, according to the recipe., Basrah international fair management revealed on their preparations for the establishment of five exhibitions on the port quarter stronghold Last year, the fair management representative said Jawad Al-Abadi told to "morning", five exhibitions planned include various oil sectors, commercial, industrial and construction, involving dozens of different nationalities. exhibition management orientation attributed to further exhibitions to the successes of previous exhibitions, which yielded the conclusion many investment contracts, stressing that there is a widely used global companies so that they have made booking requests in exhibitions since the beginning of this year.