Alfalh criticized Allawi and solutions to solve fourth call is leaving the presidency of the Iraqi List
Wednesday, 18 December / 2 January 2012 19:14

{Baghdad} Euphrates News MP for the State of Law coalition Alfalh Ali, said that "Iraqi solutions head of the list of the three wrong and invited him to the fourth solution is leaving the presidency of the Iraqi List."

The Alfalh, told {Euphrates News} on Wednesday, said, "Iyad Allawi, wandering States and published conditions newspapers, U.S. and Saudi Arabia, it is logical and not solve the crisis," he said, adding that "Allawi did not know Pmaihdt in the country and its solutions is a logical and best solution is to control the speech real rational him and his list. "

The leader of the Iraqi List, has said that
"Iraq will resort in the event of failure of the National Congress to work on the withdrawal of confidence from the current government and form a new government in place of, or to submit the National Alliance on the nomination of a new figure to the presidency of the current government or that the work is to form a true partnership away for exclusivity and exclusion. "adding that" Iraq has two choices: either only two or to be a strong country or to remain disjointed entities. "

He Alfalh saying, "The solutions Allawi, the three put forward by the wrong, most prominently put forward a candidate for prime minister instead of Nuri al-Maliki, because the latter is very popular in the street and the people is he brave through his positions and save the blood of Iraq and his defense of the victims, and other solution also wrong and can not be applied and of the claim transitional government because this government that was formed, it will remain for two years without a parliament and this is what Ayalmh Allawi and dislikes as well. "stressing that" Allawi held by the Prime Minister only, and is seeking to replace him, but that is not entitled to because of the democratic process, shall be subject to respond to the majority and the majority Today, with Maliki. "

The MP for the bill, said the best solution is to be called the head of the Iraqi list is Allawi, or give up living out of Iraq and to attend parliament sessions and continuously practiced his role as deputy to see the view of the fact that the deputies.

He pointed out that "Allawi said the thought out of the political process and asked the members of his list out one of them does not come out or else unrelated to it."

And witnessing the political process and the relationship between the blocks strained clear coincided with the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops from the country in the last month of the political differences between the coalition of state law, members of the Iraqi List, as it decided to list the recent suspension of its participation in the meetings of the Council of Ministers and MPs to protest what it called the policy of exclusion and marginalization, as well as the issuance of Supreme Judicial Council, an arrest warrant against Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi.