World Bank hails Iraq's accession to the initiative of Transparency International

18.1.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / term World Bank praised Iraq's accession to the International Initiative for transparency in the extractive industries, with a parliamentary-informed sources revealed that the IMF demanded the House of Representatives not to enact laws that are tied to the economy of Iraq seeking to merge with global economies. The Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, Mary Helen that the Iraqi government made ​​a great effort in the project to join the initiative of transparency in the extractive industries and reflected the seriousness and commitment by the government. and confirmed Helen on improvements in a number of aspects, including after the activation of mechanisms spending-mail. and discussed the government advisers recent progress in the implementation of projects financed by the World Bank in the country. A statement of the Commission: The Commission on monitoring the implementation of projects financed by the World Bank in the form of grants and loans, I looked at the headquarters of the advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister during the meeting Periodic progress in the implementation of projects financed by the World Bank, and ways to address the obstacles and difficulties facing the implementation mechanism, the presence of representatives of the World Bank, the ministries concerned, and the central bank, and a number of experts and advisers in the body. The statement quoted the head of the advisers Thamer Ghadban saying that The meeting was displayed progress in the implementation of projects since the regular meeting held in August of 2011, standing at the level of commitment and expenditure of the projects during the years 2010-2011 for each of the projects funded through the granting of the World Bank, and a loan of the International Foundation for Development of the Bank, as well as discuss the reasons for the existence of gaps between planning, implementation and actual spending. The Anger: The government is committed to cooperation with international organizations and the development of the capacity of ministries to implement the project, stressing the obstacles that are similar in all the projects are trying to specialized committees to find solutions to them, as well as the need for registration of projects, grants and international loans in the general budget State to secure the success and follow-up and to find out their positive impact on the national economy. " The statement said: that a committee monitoring the implementation of projects and the World Bank agreed on the importance of continuing to hold periodic meetings and meetings follow them and support the band follow-up projects, as well as to support the ministries to develop mechanisms sustainability and maintenance of projects and programs after the completion of implementation He noted that the meeting was attended by representatives of the World Bank in Erbil, Amman and Beirut via circuit television. to that revealed the Finance Committee, the parliamentary claims to the International Monetary Fund made ​​during his recent visit to Iraq, the importance of the lack of legislation the House of Representatives of the laws that undermine the growth of the Iraqi economy. confirmed the parliamentary committee that the legislation laws raise the operating budget at the expense of investment irritated the International Monetary Fund. A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Najiba Najib's "Twilight News": The representatives of the International Monetary Fund in their recent visit to Iraq, met with House Speaker Osama Najafi and members of the Finance Committee and asked Council not to legislation laws hinder the growth of the Iraqi economy. The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives unveiled in early December last threat of the International Monetary Fund raised its support for Iraq in the next year in the event of failure of the latter on his own terms and be seen, particularly the reduction of the operating budget. and made ​​it clear answer: that the IMF International confirmed that the increase in the investment budget will lead to provide many job opportunities, leading to reduction of unemployment in Iraq. " It showed that what irritated the International Monetary Fund is the continuing increase in the operating budget at the expense of investment and this is what was noted also in the budget in 2012. " The government has approved the federal budget for 2012, worth U.S. $ 100 billion, an increase of 22% from the previous year. The government has allocated the largest proportion of its budget for the energy sector, accounting for 17.48% of a budget, followed by security and defense by 14.6%, social services 13.28% . On a related matter, a member of the Finance Committee MP Najiba Najib said that next Thursday will discuss the budget bill, and the possibility of increasing the salaries of retirees and grades as well as increased allocations to the provinces and the region. The answer (for the Agency news): The second reading of the draft general budget of the Council of House of Representatives, will be presented on Thursday and will listen to the views and proposals of Representatives will then Finance Committee representative to intensify its work to end the project and the introduction of all the texts proposed to him, then put the bill to the House of Representatives for a vote. She noted that the Finance Committee representative to have the desire to increase the grades this year add (42) thousand to grades established in the budget of $ (58) Alpha to become (100) A degree and functional. She added that there is a proposal to increase financial allocations for the development of the regions and provinces in order to do their projects and investment strategy, as well as calls by members of the Parliament to subsidize the poorer segments of society, especially pensioners by increasing their salaries.

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