Kurdistan flag on an interface institution «NASDAQ» New York

02-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) – Erbil: shirzad shikhany-Middle East

Inform source facilities for Kurdistan Parliament President Kamal kerkuki, currently visiting the United States, at the invitation of its «kerkuki called Foundation (NASDAQ) specialized financial securities in New York and held talks with officials about the investment situation in Kurdistan, Iraq».

The source said in connection with the «Middle East»: «that the Foundation brought the Kurdish flag on screen time square mega enterprise interface to welcome the arrival of President of the Parliament of Kurdistan, the closing ceremony Friday attended by kerkuki».

In several interviews collected Kurdish Parliament Speaker and a number of senior officials of the Foundation and representatives of a number of American companies view fact giant venture of Kurdistan and Iraq, saying the Kurdish leadership welcomed all international companies to enter the competition market investment in Kurdistan, assured them that «Kurdistan boasts of natural mineral, tremendous untapped, in addition to its human resources, the makings of a magnet for foreign investment, and investment law provides adequate legal safeguards for all investors to protect their capital, and that the territory needs to Help and support experience of global companies to revive infrastructure and develop its economy free», «the stability of the economy means the stability of the country, and therefore the leadership of the region are trying to build strong foundations for economy of the territory in order to be able to establish an advanced society is tantamount to the ranks of other advanced democratic societies and stable world».