British source: "the crisis of dormant" erupt between Washington and Maliki soon

17/01/2012 21:45

Baghdad / Orr News

Expected source within the corridors of the British Embassy for a crisis between Washington and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in March of this year, pointing out that the political situation will differ completely, despite of what he called a "crisis of change" will take time up to seven months.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the most prominent features of this crisis will be reflected in the shrinking and reverse the powers of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with the end of next month, which will enter the strategic framework agreement into effect, will not be easy to go back or repeal or frozen, pointing that Washington turned a blind eye on the problems which have accompanied the arrival of al-Maliki for a second term as prime minister for the sole purpose is to seek to pass the strategic framework agreement, he said.

The source continued that this agreement passed already been included "commitments Iraqi" response for all conditions and desires of the U.S. with regard to energy, economy and frameworks strategy the other, which makes Washington more like what is a will on Iraq, but indirectly, in spite of the conviction and Washington strongly al-Maliki and his ability to prevent any foreign interference in Iraqi affairs in any way without consent.

The source said that the Convention enters into force, activation would not go without al-Maliki to be present with the opposition encountered by the Convention, some of the blocks and the first of the Liberal bloc, in addition to pressure Iran aiming to annul or cancel the Convention.