Faiza al-Obeidi: the Iraqi List, will be held a lengthy meeting tomorrow, headed by Allawi to discuss the current situation
Tuesday, 17 December / 2 January 2012 20:02

[Baghdad - where]
Revealed the Iraqi List MP for the winner-Obeidi, a meeting of an expanded list tomorrow, headed by Iyad Allawi, leader of the list to discuss the current situation.

Said al-Obeidi told all of Iraq [Wayne] said Tuesday that "Allawi's Iraqi List, will attend the meeting tomorrow and will be meeting in the trading in the latest developments in the political arena and the position of existing ones, especially the issue of the upcoming National Conference."

She added that "the Iraqi List, formed a preparatory committee comprised within the four deputies who are all from Hussein Shaalan, Adnan al-Janabi and Salman and Salim al-Jumaili to negotiate with other political blocs on the upcoming National Conference."

She continued, "This committee will work to incorporate the demands of the Iraqi National Congress's agenda, and if not in the inclusion of these demands, the Iraqi will not participate in that conference."

The President Jalal Talabani has called for political blocs to a national conference for resolving the differences between the political blocs
and it is hoped that this conference will be held later this month in Baghdad.

The Cabinet decided today to prevent ministers of the Iraqi List of the performance of their duties in the Ministry for dropping out to attend the meetings of the Council of Ministers, and prevent them from ever where, saying that "all decisions signed by the Minister void with the commitment of Ministers bench for the time in those ministries and prevents the Minister indigenous permanence and Report the staff of those ministries not to deal with them. "

And witnessing the political process and the relationship between the blocks strained clear because of the continuing political differences between the coalition of state law and the Iraqi List, especially with regard to the issue of issuing the arrest warrant against Deputy President of the Republic required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashemi, and asked the Prime Minister to withdraw confidence from the notices Saleh al-Mutlaq, in addition to charges of the Iraqi state shirking the law on the implementation of the initiative of Erbil, which include achieving partnership in the state administration and decision-making and naming security minister and the formation of strategic policies and the lack of balance in the institutions of the state between the components of people, depending on the views of Congress and the Iraqi List. finished.