Finance parliamentary reveal, 8 trillion dinars outside the law of 2011 budget
17/01/2012 08:06

Baghdad, January 17 (Rn) - The parliamentary Finance Committee, on Tuesday, the government spent about $ 8 trillion dinars last year outside the gates of the general budget, indicating that the process of exchange is a violation of the budget law, passed by the House of Representatives.

The decision of the Committee Ahmad electrodes, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that "the Finance Committee when the audit budget in 2011 and found that there is $ 8 trillion dinars spent by the government outside the gates of the budget," noting that "the Commission has a vision on the disbursement of 2 trillion dinars of the amount to the Ministry of the Interior, and 1.5 trillion to the Ministry of Education only. "

The electrodes that "the process of disbursement of the amount is a violation of the budget law, the absence of a paragraph in the aspects of the budget determines the amount of exchange or a private door in the budget amount."

The Iraqi Parliament approved on 20 of the month of February last on the 2011 budget of $ 82.6 billion dollars, including $ 25.7 billion of investments, to estimate the price of a barrel of oil at $ 76.50, and exports will reach 2.2 million barrels per day, a budget the largest in the history of Iraq.

The government expected the deficit to reach $ 13.4 billion, Iraq relies on oil exports by about 95 per cent to support the budget.

Iraq relies to fund its budget on crude oil, which prepared by economists as a risk in the Iraqi economy because of the failure to diversify its sources and development of industrial and commercial sectors and other development.

The Iraqi government has approved in its emergency meeting on the fifth of last month's budget in 2012 which amount to 100 billion dollars (about 117 trillion Iraqi dinars) and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion (about 17 trillion dinars).