Iraq refuses to grant immunity to Americans after the withdrawal of troops trained home

02-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-Iraqi Baghdad ” “ gate

Rejected Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi Sunday, granting immunity to Americans who trained will remain in Iraq after the withdrawal of their forces by the end of the year, noting that they will leave her period selected depends on the outcome of negotiations between Baghdad and Washington.

He said the Iraqi list MP Ahmed got to Iraq not with “ grant immunity to any soldier rest on the territory of Iraq, the main ” they come trained gun “ imported from the USA for training army units did not require granting immunity ”.

He got that “ theme which will keep them trained in Iraq depends on the outcome of the negotiations conducted by the Government of Iraq with the US side, which was not announced until now political blocs ”, hoping that the “ display when the return of President Jalal Talabani New York ”.

He noted that “ meeting called by Talabani in his house when he returned to discuss many things, including the subject trainers Americans ”.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, (September 29, 2011), the presence of US forces in Iraq is “ open ” and will expire at the end of the year 2011, there will be no foreign troops in the country, saying the presence of experts and trainers with the purchase of arms is normal and universally applicable.

Leaders of the political blocs agreed during a meeting, on 2 August 2011, at the residence of President Jalal Talabani, the Government began talks with the United States on maintaining a number of US troops to train Iraqi troops after the date of the withdrawal at the end of the year 2011, while the opposition sadrist Trimble who refused any kind of talks under the us kept the country after the end of the year.

The speaker of the House of Osama alngivi, September 22, 2011, that Parliament has on negotiations between the Iraqi Government and US side forces will remain in the country and the extent of readiness of Iraqi troops, stating that he was awaiting a letter from the Government to show where I got those negotiations.

And Iraq and the United States signed, during 2008, the strategic framework agreement to support Iraqi ministries and agencies in the transition from strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic and diplomatic, cultural and security, based on reducing the number of provincial reconstruction teams, as well as providing important sustainable rule of law, including the police development programme and the coordination and supervision and report to fund Iraq relief and reconstruction.

Under the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington should withdraw all US forces from all the lands and waters and airspace of Iraq not later than 31 December 2011, after us forces withdrew from fighting under the Convention of towns, villages and townships of Iraq on June 30, 2009.