Dhari: Iraq war hurt the Iraqi and American peoples

02-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-(AP)

Harith Al-Dhari Secretary General announced the Committee of Muslim scholars (year) in Iraq that the US-led war in Iraq 2003 "hurt the people of Iraq and the US," he said, adding that "nothing in Iraq today any manifestation of democracy."
According to a statement from the Muslim scholars Association posted on the website e-mail Sunday that Dhari was greeted at his residence in Oman Friday several members of Congress, among them "the truth of what is happening in Iraq since 2003 so far", and briefed them on the "many files crimes and violations of human rights, and other dangerous practices against Iraqi people".
The statement quoted Dhari told us that "the war on Iraq have affected us and Iraqi peoples."
"Iraq is supposed to leave his parents they are able to protect and build it again," he said, adding that "nothing in Iraq today any semblance of democracy that you came to strengthen it."
The statement said that during the meeting, "dealing with current events in Iraq, and the difficult circumstances endured by the Iraqi people because of the US troops to stay occupied."
The statement said the delegation included three members of Congress from the Democrats: James Keith Allison mcdermot from Washington on the mandate of the Minneapolis and is the first Muslim Member of the Wisconsin State wegoindoline Moore, were among the delegation visited Tunisia and Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.
He said they "mentioned in the meeting they set (on) to go to Iraq, in the context of strengthening democracy and close Arab spring".
On 16th of November 2006 Iraqi TV channel reported that the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior issued an arrest warrant against nieces on charges of "inciting communal violence" Iraq outraged years.
But the Iraqi Government later explained that what was fierce not warrant right but "Note".
On 26 March 2010, the US Treasury announced sanctions against Muthanna Harith's son on charges of supporting Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia.
And Muthanna Dhari is a former spokesman of the Muslim scholars Association year which had been formed after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 led by his father, and made defence of the rights of the target year.