Iraqiya states its demands to the National Conference’s preparatory committee
14/01/2012 23:13:00
Baghdad (NINA) – At the end of a meeting held on Saturday evening, Jan. 14, chaired by its leader, Iyad Allawi, Iraqiya Slate decided to address a message to President Jalal Talabani stating its demands to attend the preparatory meeting preceding the National Conference, as a good will gesture to end the current political crisis.

In a statement to NINA, the official spokesperson for Iraqiya Slate, Maysoun al-Damalouji, said, “Iraqiya’s meeting today was centered on the necessity to make the proposed National Conference successful to end the political crisis if good will present and positive environments exist through implementing Iraqiya’s demands.”

Damalouji added, “Among Iraqiya’s demands are, not to politically influence the judiciary, carry a just trial to Tariq al-Hashimi to be held outside Baghdad, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki withdraws his request to Parliament to withdraw confidence from Iraqiya official, Saleh al-Mutlaq, forming a committee from political blocs to look into the cases of detainees who have suffered too long in detentions without having their cases look into and have just trials be carried in their cases.”

She added that the message will also include follow up what has been achieved of Erbil Agreement and draw a road map for the political process.

Damalouji pointed out that the message will be delivered to President Talabani by a delegation representing Iraqiya consisting of Sheikh Hussein al-Shalan, Adnan al-Janabi and Salman al-Jumaili. If Iraqiya’s demands are not met this means that Iraqiya will not attend the Conference’s Preparatory meetings. / End.