Barzani, Zebari and preparing to declare a state of Kurdistan in March next!!

An informed source in the city of Arbil, revealed that the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, in connection with the announcement of a bold step in Nowruz 2012 may be the next step forward towards a declaration of state of Kurdistan, and that he had discussed this matter with President Jalal Talabani, is approved.

The source, who stressed the lack of reference to his name and position, that Barzani called his uncle and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, to see what prepared him during the past seven years about this, asking him a report on the attitudes of international and Arab and Iraqi forces for such a step, and final preparations for the ministry to do so.

The source quoted Barzani as saying that the states of the European Union fully supports such a move and the most enthusiastic were the British and the French.

As for our allies in the United States, the White House with us and talk is still of Barzani, who however, by saying: There is opposition from the U.S. State Department and the reluctance of the CIA, who believes that time is not right, so you have to convince our friends there, adding that Barzani called Zebari include positions at the United Nations and the Security Council during the next two months and include some of the embassies and ambassadors Kurds in important countries where Iraqi property.

And attitudes expected in Iraq and the positions of political parties and blocs, Barzani said: The most important parties hard against us are the Sadrists and the virtue and the rule of law, noting that a strong group in the national coalition in favor of the Declaration of State of Kurdistan, for the reasons known and conflicts around the Shiite leadership but for the Iraqi and Sunni Vemoagafhm to Aémna much they are weaker than that influence, most of whom will not oppose They can be bought easily and actually have been buying mostly cheap by Barzani.

And on the so-by the Kurds Bakds holies of Kirkuk and disputed areas in Diyala and Mosul, Barzani said: that the allies want to give us instead of Kirkuk, gas investment in some areas even in Mosul, there is also a plan to build a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey on our way and it goes to Israel and continue to study and discuss with our allies either of the disputed areas in Diyala and Mosul, we we will call them after independence and gain international recognition and through the mechanisms of the UN Security Council and UN committees.
The source quoted Zebari as saying I have been to include a variety of situations within the United Nations, stressing that he was changing the representative of Iraq in the UN-Bayati, even Anfajo positions hostile to us by him, explaining that most of the embassies task in which the ambassadors of Kurds have been buying buildings there and when we announce our state will have a group of offices, embassies and housing, I have a full cadre of diplomats Kurds, they can form the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kurdistan.

Zebari said that China and Russia will have a reservation for any step towards declaring a state, so it's best to have a referendum of self-determination and the outcome in favor of the Declaration of Independence.

He adds Zebari said the Arab countries are divided on this issue the Gulf countries are all supported the separation of Kurdistan from Iraq because the weakening of the Iraqi Shiites, a thing that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and to some extent, United Arab Emirates The rest of the Arab countries, it is not in a position to render an opinion or opposition, especially Syria , and either Egypt and the countries of North Africa and the Arab League, they are now outside the influence conviction, according to Zebari, at the disposal of the source.

The source added that the views of the Barzani, Zebari was similar on the positions of Turkey, Iran, Turkey turned for flexibility by them recently, especially since the trade with them and the State of Kurdistan amount of ten billion a year, and we put the signals to them that we will be honest to establish the best of good relations with them, and will agree to the request an end to the PKK.

In conclusion, the source by noting that Barzani, Zebari finding to the conclusion that the timing of the celebrations of the Kurdish people the festivals of Nowruz is well suited to bring joy to the same President Talabani, shortly before his death and to the hearts of the Kurds in Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Dohuk and give a dose of hope for the Kurds in Iran, Syria and Turkey as well.