Leading to the «rule of law» «Middle East»: political leaders in the most difficult exam

13.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Talabani leads the last chance to meet with the political blocs
Baghdad: Mustafa Hamza,
all eyes now in Iraq to an expanded meeting that called for by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Sunday of the leaders of political blocs in order to map the by the National Conference to be held in place and time are still not Mhassomin, because of the sharp antagonism began to emerge among the most prominent leaders of political blocs, and in the introduction, including a declaration by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzna and leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, not to their participation in a case conference was held in Baghdad . Efforts made ​​by President Jalal Talabani are now focused in two directions; the first one to formulate a final position at the conference in time did not exceed the end of this month or middle of next month and select the conference venue, as well as program and agenda, with the effort the second President Talabani to convince both Barzani and Allawi to participate in the conference in person and not through representatives, in view of the importance of the consequences of such a presence. Leader of the Kurdistan Alliance said Mohsen Saadoun told «Middle East» in response to a question where to turn the situation in Iraq in the event of the conference was not held or failure in achieving its objectives? Saying that «the intention now is to hold the conference and its success, which is running on the parties politicians, which will be seen clearly on Sunday by meeting the expanded». He Sadoun that «everyone now knows that he is responsible one way or another to the disruption of the political process and the legislative as well as to get from the security breach, and thus there is a consensus among everyone that arrive during the next conference on the results, even what might be called the minimum acceptable », pointing out that« if it did not hold a conference or even a failure in the event to take place, we do not need to know that there is a foundation built on the political consensus, and formed the current government under an agreement Arbil », stressing that« the Convention on the Erbil included originally a clear roadmap and that all that can be done if it did not get to the result is the activation of these conventions, and thus will be clear who is the party that impedes implementation of this Article or that band, and can then resort to the constitutional contexts in dealing with cases of this kind, according to the rules of the game of democracy without the need for the escalation in the attitudes or resorting to the kind of miscarriage of political ». blocs, the political part, began to designate their representatives in the meeting extended to representatives of the political blocs, which will be held on Sunday attended by President Jalal Talabani and parliament speaker Osama Najafi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The leader of the worldwide abolition Ziad list in a press statement, the list named both Salman Jumaili, Hussein al-Shaalan to attend the conference, which is the process of naming two others. For its part, announced a free block of the Sadrist movement terms of what it called the National Alliance to participate in the conference. He said the head of the Liberal Bahaa al-Araji, said in a statement obtained by «Middle East» a copy of it, that «the conditions of mass and the National Alliance to participate in the conference called for by President Jalal Talabani to be held in Baghdad as the capital, and not shared by the killing of Iraqi people of Saddamists and terrorists and the separation of judicial files and political ». Araji said that «the National Congress is supposed to discuss all the problems existing between the political blocs, or between the blocks and the government, and this means that all the problems and crises must be placed within the conference program is not limited to topic-based Iraqi government », indicating that« the success of any conference should be preceded by an intensive workshop understandings are carried out prior to the conference session, which will make a crucial decision-making and consensus ». He pointed out that «the conference is not to resolve the problems between the political blocs, but also there are problems between the blocks and the government on the one hand, and between the government and the people of Iraq, and must pay heed to this command to be successful, these steps have not been found until the time», pointing out that «the Conference to the nature of Bid political ». He stressed that «there are guarantees of a real and realistic to be successful and acceptable to the masses, and should discuss important problems experienced by the Iraqi people». Meanwhile, a senior leader of a coalition of state law Ihsan Al-Awadi told «Middle East» that «all the statements and attitudes is now moving toward a national conference, so the official decision is involved and not the province », pointing out that« the declaration of Mr. Massoud Barzani or Dr. Iyad Allawi, not to participate does not mean boycotting, but I mean send representatives », adding that« in the event of failure of the conference or did not hold all the political leaders will be responsible for major historical to the Iraqi people who will never forgive them ». Asked if there was an intention to replace al-Maliki from within the National Alliance, Al-Awadi said that «all the forces of the National Alliance are now in excellent autism do not talk in this context at all». The leader of the list of Iraq Hamid al-Mutlaq has told «Middle East» that «the important thing is not the place and time of the conference, but the important thing is sincerity», pointing out that «the Iraqi people rely too much on this conference and if not held, or to achieve results, the (Iraqi) can be withdraw from the political process or insisting on the withdrawal of confidence from Maliki, developments which will be paid for all ».

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