Indian company specializing in the manufacture and packaging of the oil pipeline to Basra to Neil license investment investment projects in industry with a capital investment of 200 million dollars.
This came during a meeting with the delegation of the Indian head company jandal and Deputy at the investment authority in Basra.
Deputy Chairman of the company "vagash global cannabis seizures rose over" on his quest to obtain a licence to invest to build plant production and packaging of tubes with a capital of $ 200 million and a land area of 160 dunams. Stressing that the project "specializes in the production of oil and gas pipelines and would fill a large part of Iraq, as required to reduce unemployment which will more than 800 local labour.
Chief said he invested Basra behind Badran ready body to provide land and completed requirements for the project, the fact that the industrial sector is the real core of economic development and scope for job creation, indicating that Basra open industries, a promising market for pipes, that oil companies have plans for future expansion calls for a competition production companies for bridge co. and high quality.

For his part, Deputy Chief Investment architect Heydar Ali Fadel Basra that project after his stay would need agreements with oil services and ports for logistical support and fill their need for various types of pipe processing.