Dxxxx - continues to emphasize that Shabibi has stated that "it is done" and the words he used is similar to a decision that is a one way path/street.

Notice the date: This shows that the 30 days are up!!

Central Bank: the law of the deletion of zeros we sent to the government and parliament this week...

الثلاثاء, 16 آب - أغسطس 2011 12:14 Tuesday, August 16 - August 2011 12:14
قال نائب محافظ البنك المركزي، الاثنين، ان البنك المركزي رفع مشروع قانون حذف الأصفار من العملة العراقية الى الحكومة العراقية والبرلمان لدارسته ومناقشته واقراره في حال تم الموافقة عليه.واوضح الدكتور مظهر محمد صالح ان "مشروع القانون الذي تم رفعه الاسبوع الحالي الى كل من الحكومة والبرلمان، Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, on Monday, said the central bank raise the bill to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency to the Iraqi government and parliament to Darcth and discussion and approval in the event has been approved. He explained the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that "the draft law, which was submitted this week to both the government and Parliament,
يتضمن كافة التفاصيل التشريعية والتنفيذية الخاصة بموضوع حذف الاصفار والاثار الاقتصادية الايجابية التي سيتركها في حال اقراره". Includes all the details of the legislative and executive on a subject to delete the zeros and the positive economic effects as inevitable, if passed. "
واشار صالح الى ان "مشروع القانون تضمن مقترحات لشكل العملة الجديدة والفئات التي تحملها وتفاصيل فنية واقتصادية". Salih noted that "the bill included proposals for a new currency and the groups that carried and details of technical and economic."
وشدد صالح على ان "هذا القانون في حال اقراره سيكون له اثر ايجابي على العملة العراقية في عدة جوانب تحتاجها خلال المرحلة المقبلة". Saleh stressed that "this law, if approved, will have a positive impact on the Iraqi currency in several aspects of the need during the next phase."


BGG - Dr. Shabibi can do this anytime he deems fit - however, he has been giving the GOI all the signals that they really need to get on board...sooner rather than later. I posted this older article to illustrate how long the good Dr has been pointing them in the right direction...