The presence of the (CIA) in Iraq provokes Foreign Relations

13.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / long denounced the Foreign Relations Committee reports that the continuation of the work of U.S. intelligence in Iraq despite the withdrawal earlier this year. A member of the Liberal MP for the mass of Rafi Abd al-Jabbar said the formal announcement for the continuation of the work of the (CIA) in Iraq after the 2011 evidence of the non recognition of the American side security agreement which provides for the withdrawal of its forces, whether military or intelligence or security of Iraq by the end of 2011. He said in a statement to the political body of the Sadrist movement that Iraq is a country with full sovereignty and America should deal with this state Ktaamlha with any country is in the region and therefore the Sadrist movement categorically rejects presence of the (CIA) in Iraq after 2011. He said Abdul-Jabbar The Sadr movement rejects the existence of U.S. intelligence in Iraq as evidence of the continuation of the U.S. administration to deal with Iraq in the spirit of the occupation and the spirit of sovereignty over its decisions, pointing out that the Sadrists will resist militarily the U.S. embassy because the CIA from which a headquarters for its operations in Iraq. He explained that the Sadrist movement fixed positions and do not change. Any U.S. force is in Iraq, whether military or intelligence indicates that America is still occupied and comes from assurances from the Americans that shows that their withdrawal. A source in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama a week ago that the CIA is currently active in Iraq and has received a responsibility to help security forces, the United States will no longer have a presence in Iraq after 2011. The New York Times quoted an official in the Obama administration declined to be named as saying "the time down the U.S. military presence in Iraq for up to scratch in terms of combat forces, the presence of U.S. intelligence did not get the same thing. " The newspaper reported that at the time moved the responsibility for the care of relations between the two countries to the U.S. State Department transferred responsibility for security assistance to the (CIA) and the Central Intelligence Agency, which operates the power to separate from the military. The newspaper added that although that U.S. forces are not likely to return to Iraq but it is possible the return of individuals under the authority of the (CIA). The official said the American told the newspaper that "the cooperation in the field of intelligence is very important to the relationship the U.S. and Iraqi challenges facing Iraq in the fight against terrorism." The official explained, "We do not want to leave the relationship very strong that we have built over the past years in terms of exchange of information important to both countries." According to the paper that the CIA operates independently and has teams specialized and has the power to recruit people to work in teams, whether Iraqis or troops the U.S.. part of the Sadrist bloc, declared yesterday that the Sadrists would use "military resistance" against the U.S. embassy for violating Iraq's sovereignty through the presence and agency of the U.S. Central Intelligence (CIA) in it.

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