The biggest obstacle to the routine implementation of projects .. The solution in the single-window


Housing crisis in the spotlight
of Baghdad, Hussein Tgb Tamimi
activation of the housing sector is an urgent need during the current phase, where the need for the advancement of the construction of housing, to contain the housing crisis experienced by a wide range of people from the community, in particular, that the claims made ​​by those interested in this matter states undermine the routine procedures that limit the establishment of such projects and confuse the course of completion, in addition to the adoption of other solutions fast running out from the effects of this problem and through the activation of single window. economist Qasim Khazraji stressed that the trend towards the implementation of residential complexes as one of the quick solutions to the problems of housing, which has become shrouded in a lot of complexity, because of the housing policies confused over the past decades, and generate them from the pressure of population impact negatively on the reality of life within the community. He said in an interview (morning): The work today is moving towards the implementation of residential complexes, but on a small scale and without the level of ambition, despite the efforts of the Ministry of Construction and Housing in this area, but the magnitude of the problem need foreign investments to this field, and here must work to provide climates action suit Mataattalbh global capital wishing to work in Iraq for the next period. He pointed to the presence of compounds under implementation in Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Diyala, Basra, but there are complications routinely disrupt the functioning of achievement Streamline required, must be overcome through the adoption of new mechanisms for the implementation of the particular project, pointing out that some of the correspondence between government departments take a lot of time and effort that draining the efforts of companies working to implement the projects and they go them to claim the adoption of climates better working through the adoption of the system and lessen the effort of many revisions and complications, and there must be no active role to the competent institutions in this field to activate the role of the single window. He said that the local private sector has a lot of experiences and competencies that can project management and implementation to the fullest, from design to implementation and this is known in the world, where design best monumental architecture world by the Iraqi Zaha Hadid, and this is evidence that the Iraqi competencies capable of promoting the country, adding that the country lacks skilled manpower after What he enjoyed earlier in the seventies of the last century, known in all regions of the Middle East, not in the country, but after entering the country rounds wars beyond manpower for transmission of occupations adopted in the construction and reconstruction by successive generations, which made ​​most of the companies, local circulating skilled manpower between governorates and daily wages are high, sometimes affecting the project budget, proposing a solution to this complex problem that so they can be dragged handcuffed Iraqi working alongside the international experience and coming to invest in Iraq, for the transfer of expertise to the local young people wishing to possession of all disciplines to the task , stressing the importance of the possession experience through contact with global experience. On the subject of granting licenses companies stressed Khazraji to do the controls of this leave those who have appropriate qualifications of technical staff and administrative specialist, because granting leave away from the controls make the competition to be the lowest prices on the account type, which Otheraly the reality of the projects carried out by companies not specialized and solid and which proceed to sell the display after that anchored them. and called Khazraji to the importance of balance in dealing with the public and private companies that provide facilities for both sides alike, because it imposes on companies the private sector is selected for its work, especially that the country is entering a phase of new economic, where the capacity of economic projects in all sectors without exception, which leads to the need to work towards the acquisition of expertise by international companies through partnerships at work, and that implementation should be shared locally and internationally , especially in the construction sector and housing, which earns its importance from the great need to the housing continuously to capacity the size of the problem. concluded Khazraji his speech by saying: that the reality experienced by the country shows the need for the adoption of residential construction and low cost to solve part of the housing crisis, and this treatment needs to facilitate All work procedures, implementation, and keep it away from routine, which confuses work and keeps him for implementation during the specified periods.