Warning of the growing smuggling money from Iraq

1/11/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Ahmed al-Zubaidi - Radio Free Iraq , underscoring observers and cases of smuggling money into Iraq, suggests the CBI to the presence of operations of this type, described as "simple," pointing out that it had to impose procedures for working to reduce them. There is the mention that the phenomenon of smuggling foreign currency began to rise, in Iraq, in conjunction with the imposition of economic sanctions on Iran and Syria, and poor control over access to exit the currency from Iraq, noting that the phenomenon has widened in the absence of a banking sector integrated governing trading financial relations between the outside of Iraq and within the one hand, and between markets within the country on the other hand .. says economic expert, Falah Hassan said that the smuggling of money resulting from the lack of control over the economy in general, indicating that the funds are being smuggled in a formal and informal, as well as loss of control on the funds, which take place outside of government banks, stressing that the financial and administrative corruption is one of the most important factors of success of those operations. to that between a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Ibrahim al-Mutlaq said the central bank to take steps to reduce this phenomenon, which began affect the Iraqi economy, and noted that the committee monitored the increase demand on the dollar by some traders, which drove her to study ways to reduce this phenomenon. in turn, did not deny the Advisor to the Governor Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed and the presence of cases of smuggling money out of the country, noting that the bank monitors all sources of funds and pursue their destination, and pointed out that the smuggling of money has started to rise, since the beginning of last December, after the imposition of UN economic sanctions on some neighboring countries, referring to Iran and Syria. Saleh continued to say that although it want to buy funds at the auction Aicomon Tbthbt provide documentation that they use those funds to trade, but it was hard to make sure that all the goods that correspond to the money coming into Iraq or not really? ".

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