Tolerance of the reference school receives a delegation from Diyala: We are all in one ship and our country today lined many of the risks facing our people and malicious schemes to keep him from his religion

1/11/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - His Eminence, the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Taqi school (long live) at his office in the holy city of Karbala, a delegation from the province of Diyala, led by Sheikh Harun Almamedoaa, imam and preacher of the mosque of Imam Hussein, expected (pbuh) District peace, and the sheikh of the families stay overnight in Diyala, Sheikh Hassan Ali Al-Bayati. In the part of speech of the delegation said His Eminence, we: We are all in one ship is a ship of Iraq and the ship rises above banners of Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon them, and this is what should be on politicians and researchers The intellectuals have to take into account when drawing the equations and visions, for they shall be wrong when you do not know the secret of this people and the source of his power of love, loyalty, deep to the people of the house to them peace ... and Ashasmahth in this context that: Iraq today is lined many of the risks and plots evil against his people and his future .. And what happened and is happening in the context of an effort hostile large networks supported and trained and a lot of money available, and so on, all in order to keep the Iraqi people for their religion and values, unity and cooperation, but we thank God that those plans and targets malignant and challenges did not discourage the people did not keep him out his religion, values ​​and loyalty to the people of the house and in particular of Imam Hussein peace be upon him and his case and its progress, and this Manlahza today during a visit of forty and crawl two million guy, to the holy city of Karbala, and Masbgaha of similar visits ... but that Iraq is thus the determination and the will and the patience and the challenge has become a source of influence and inspiration for all the world and the peoples of the region Pmafa that Masmi revolutions Arab spring .. As noted eminence in his speech to that any people rally around its scientists Rabbinic take God with his hand, he stressed that the whistle-blowers and people with bodies and processions Husseiniya, Tfahim and educate visitors, pedestrians, particularly young people to try to understand and adhere to Islam and its values ​​and follow the ethics and morals of the Islamic public and the understanding and knowledge of legal issues and work out their careers in order to be state of the Imam Hussein peace be upon him and filled with radioactive awareness and knowledge ... ------------------------------ ----------------------

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