Iraqi Trade announces the activation of economic relations with the UAE
11/01/2012 19:26

Baghdad, January 11 (Rn) - The Ministry of the Federal Trade Wednesday by the activation of the economic relations between Iraq and the UAE, pointing to the start of preparations for the eighth session of the Commission on mid-month. The Director of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce Hashim Hatem told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "Iraq is a reaction to the economic relations with the UAE has begun preparations for the eighth session of the Committee in the middle of this month," explaining that "the Iraqi delegation a high level will be headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will attend meetings of the Committee on the Iraqi side in Abu Dhabi the middle of this month." . He said Hatem that "the meetings of the Committee will discuss the administrative obstacles, legal and technical face the activation of trade and economic activities between the two countries, with a view to the new recommendations include the removal of those barriers and promote trade between the two countries." According to official statistics, the volume of trade with the United Arab Emirates amounted to $ 6.5 billion at the time working in Iraq 24 UAE companies in various fields. The Iraqi Ministry of Trade announced that the volume of trade with Iran, except for oil activities reached $ 4 billion while the total trade volume with Turkey about $ 10 billion for all commercial activities, in While the volume of trade with Jordan to $ 1 billion, with Syria and $ 2 billion. Iraq seeks to open up areas of multiple investment with regional countries that have participants economical with him, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt and other countries.