Voice of Iraq)-twilight news/counting the Kurdish Democratic Party leadership, Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called the bishops are granting Kurds a separate identity, "insulting" for this slide.

Section v, the official said of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Baghdad, Mohammad Amin aldoloy in an interview for "Twilight" newspaper, "Al-Maliki's remarks on Kurds the elephants, claim their separate identity is only an insult to this slide, known for their attachment to the Kurdish nationality."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded in a speech during his attendance on Saturday, the second anniversary of the founding of the National Congress for Kurds to the bishops that the bishops must be for Kurds a separate identity, there must be a tent with ltbris this component from the components that pits on partnership and marginalize.

"Aldoloy" that the subject of independent identity for Kurds to the bishops denied outright, "he said, adding that the bishops are" slice as pink is known, and they're among the first who contributed to the libertarian movement and Kurdish sacrifices along the way. "

The bishops said that Kurds "is known about their attachment to their nationality, despite some attempts to defragment them and marginalizing them like the old system through transportation to other countries."

Pointed out that Maliki's remarks raised objections of a number of Kurdish officials and deputies from the Kurdish Alliance in the Iraqi Council of representatives, and in the Parliament of Kurdistan, Kurds in the bishops count representative of Kurdistan Parliament Ali Hussein Al-Maliki's comments with alveli, his shot on the convergence between the different views and all attempts to remove the differences between the components of Iraqi society