President of the Parliament: the transfer of powers to the provinces is the best way to face the dangers of separation and division

Brother - Baghdad - House Speaker Salim al-counting the transfer of powers from the ministries to the provinces process as the best way to face the dangers of separation and division, calling on the government to complete the process of transfer of powers to the provinces as soon as possible. He said in a speech during his attendance at the Conference on the transfer of powers to the provinces irregular province, "

This operation represents an exceptional step towards widespread development and are confident of the center in the governorates and the ability to manage that and act Bmekdradtha and moving the human structure of the fact that the provinces have become trustworthy after it demonstrated its ability to withstand responsibility through obstacles such as terrorism, have been declining economic capacity of the country. "

He noted, "The challenges experienced by the provinces were not insignificant, and despite the existence cooperated with the federal government in order to cross this difficult period," pointing out that "the transfer of powers from / 8 / ministries to the provincial process is the transmission, in the administrative and political system in the country That it will take political and commercial dimension and generates sufficient and competitive positive and effective space between the provinces and in the end it will lead to the development of the means of development. "

And he saw al-Jubouri said the government's efforts to complete the preparations for the transfer of powers confirms its commitment to the central leave and confidence in the democratic transformation which gained Iraq after a long eras of the central narrow and this is calculated for the government, calling on them to complete this transition, which will include / 8 / Ministries and accelerate it.

He praised the role of the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the extraordinary effort you put in order to complete this process, stressing that the country's multi-ethnic communities and the need to decentralize being is the best way to face the dangers of separation and division. / End