Keywords: Kurdistan will not oppose the actions of the judiciary on the issue of al-Hashemi

Baghdad, Tariq al-Araji
Opinion of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that the Kurdistan Region will not oppose the action of the Supreme Judicial Council on the issue of Tariq al-Hashemi.
And he said: In a statement the "morning": that "the latest indicators in the position of the region closer to the will of the judiciary and respect for the judiciary and on the basis of what said the province has received an official letter from the Supreme Judicial Council, and confirmed that they Sataaton with this message and deal with it the right way .. I do not think that the province is moving towards the opposition to hold the judiciary, and the general attitude and respect for the will of the judiciary, taking into account the specificity and sensitivity of the issue. "
The arrest warrant issued against al-Hashemi on the back of confessions of three of the elements of protection of carrying out bombings and assassinations in Baghdad, said it carried out its direction, while Hashemi denied all the charges against him calling for the transfer of the case to the Kurdistan region
The court issued an arrest warrant against al-Hashemi, who is currently in the Kurdistan region, the Interior Ministry and demanded his extradition, but the Ministry of Interior of the province refused.
He Keywords: "All the indicators and the nature of the case and publish what has been traded is heading towards to take the case run its course judicial, and there is an understanding of most of the components of the Iraqi List, including Dr. Iyad Allawi, who said that with the judiciary, but the remaining details relating to guarantee justice and safety and we believe that the nature of the actions taken by the judiciary to take into account these issues. "
He added by saying: "These are not issues that will be pressed towards the issue of creating a vacuum, and downright personal nature of the case and the Vice President of the Republic will shed the lights, and there will be witnesses, lawyers, and will be clear and apparent in every detail .. So maybe these positions to install position to ensure the progress of the case Bmgraha legal and judicial system and the judiciary can not be charged in advance and can not challenge the justice of the judiciary. "
For its part, said an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry: "The Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region will implement any order issued by the Supreme Judicial Council on the delivery of Tariq al-Hashimi in Baghdad."
She said in a statement quoted by news agency Nina that "the Judicial Council in the region and delivered the note to be decided soon, and that the Interior Ministry is obliged to implement its rulings."
She said the dry, "The Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region is the device that executes commands issued by the judiciary in the province which was expressed by the Interior Undersecretary Faik Tawfik," pointing out that comments by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior of the province he meant he was part of an executive of the Kurdistan region and not part of the the executive in the federal government, as saying.
It showed that "the Constitution does not allow it to penetrate the Federal Army of the Kurdistan region to arrest al-Hashemi, although he is part of the Iraqi army, but he received his orders from the region only."
However, the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Vian intruder said: "The al-Hashemi will remain in the province of Kurdistan, while solving political problems." She explained in a press statement: "Hashemi will be in court within the time coming, and can be tried in any Iraqi province, but the best be tried in areas Almsttbh security. "stressed the need for trial-Hashemi kept in a safe place safety, and achieve justice in the investigation process, expressing hope that the Iraqi judiciary remains Lakeadath and integrity.
And charges to the region a haven for al-Hashemi requested court, confirmed that an intruder, "The Kurdistan region received Hashemi, on the basis of a visit routinely carried out, we do not know that an arrest warrant issued against him, but after days of presence in the region," emphasizing that the Kurdistan part of Iraq , and works with all neutral with all parties.