One Maliki Ministry to pass power to other
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Thread: One Maliki Ministry to pass power to other

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    One Maliki Ministry to pass power to other

    One Maliki Ministry to pass power to other

    10/01/2012 09:35 BAGHDAD, Jan. 10 (AKnews) - A joint Defense and Interior Ministry committee will consider transferring responsibility for internal security to the Interior Ministry from the Defense Ministry.

    "I call on the leaders of the Interior Ministry to intensify their efforts to speed up the handover of security but this doesn't mean neglecting achievements," Maliki said, attending as ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the Iraqi police service.

    Maliki is in control of both the Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry. He has been in control of these key security portfolios having been unable to have his candidates for the jobs ratified when he formed his cabinet a year ago.

    The Defense Ministry took control of security in cities in 2009 and across the country in August 2010 when the U.S. forces wound down their combat patrols and confined themselves to support and training Iraqi forces.

    Iraq is still witnessing deep security problems. Since the U.S. withdrawal uncertainty has reined over the future of Iraq as Shiite and Sunni politicians battle. There have been a spate of deadly bombings targeting Shiites in Baghdad and across the center of the country.

    By Haider Ibrahim

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