Sources: not to increase the salaries of retirees due to commitments with the IMF

On: Wednesday 11/1/2012 7:12

□ Baghdad / economic-term follow-up
member of the Finance Committee attributed the parliamentary Haitham Jubouri not to increase the salaries of retirees to link Iraq agreements with the IMF. The Ministry of Finance had announced earlier in the absence of an increase in the salaries of retirees within the financial budget of the State 2012.

Jubouri said told the Euphrates News: The retired segment is very important and are suffering from hardship and all the political blocs agreed that they are the most affected in the country and should be remedies for them.
He added that the reason that prevents the House of Representatives and the government to increase salaries this segment is the commitments with the IMF international as any increase in pensions mean an increase in the operating budget and this is rejected by the International Monetary Fund.
He said: that the settlement obligations with the IMF will cause problems of great economic of the country, especially with the creditor nations will demand their debts batch complete, which will cause situations that cumbersome of the Iraqi economy " .
It is noted that the Attorney-Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi said earlier that it is not related to the International Monetary Fund to increase the salaries of retirees, explaining that those letters were determined by the government.
Zubaidi said: that there is an agreement called the Convention chock between Iraq and the International Fund and provides for cooperation between the two sides and not the imposition of conditions on the One of the parties, "asserting that" This agreement is for the benefit of Iraq. "
and added that the IMF does not interfere with the raising or not raising the salaries of retiree