Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Iraqi sovereignty still limited if not be out of UN Chapter VII, MP Araji

BAGHDAD / IraqiNews.com: Chairman of Ahrar bloc Baha’ al-Araji called the political entities to unite ranks and efforts to move Iraq from UN Chapter VII commitments, pointing that Iraqi sovereignty is limited for this reason. In a statement issued by his office, copy received by IraqiNews.com, he added that the present political differences are “artificial” that does not want Iraq to be out of UN Chapter VII and regain its health and role on the regional and international levels, particularly during the Political Spring taking place nowadays. He pointed out that Iraqi sovereignty, since the withdrawal of the occupied forces, was not discussed and even Kuwaiti Mubarak Terminal. Kuwait is building its Mubarak Terminal near the narrow Iraqi water entrance that leads to Iraqi ports, which matter was regarded that it will strangle Iraqi economy and hindering the building of Greater Fao Port which Iraq is trying to build.