■ Alaa Makki: there is no democratic system in the country
according to the Iraqi List MP Alaa Makki that the system in the country is not democratic, but a picture with him, accusing the government of obstructing the work of the House of Representatives.
The MP said the Iraqi List, Alaa Makki, the Iraqi Council of Representatives is facing many challenges , and accused some political forces to search for political dominance at the expense of others. He pointed out that the democratic experiment under difficulties, including the emerging thinking in light of the previous dictatorship, which hampers the formation of democratic institutions, efficient, fair and true.

He called on politicians to clarity and transparency for our E fruitful political and solid. He also added that Iraq recognizes the lack of a democratic system but "included in this game, in the hope of reform from within, and access to good and fruitful results in this area." He criticized the large number of MP holidays enjoyed by the House of Representatives, and supported the abolition of the legislative failure of the parliament, said: "We are facing a challenge, but if we created an atmosphere of change can we reach a conclusion." He stressed that the parliament is suffering a lot of diseases, by thinking away from strategies and close to the special interests, which will lead to a state with the features is clear and to democracy is real. "Confirmed that 200 bill on the steps of offices of Parliament, explaining that this is a challenge House of Representatives so it must be the work of its committees is the foundation, and the resulting poses on the plenary sessions so as not time-consuming speeches political defense of the interests and win the votes are tired from the Iraqi people.
■ logistical: the words Mackie evidence
on the existence of the democratic State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki considered the statements Mackie evidence of a democracy in Iraq, citing the rise of MP for the Iraqi parliament building on the legislative elections and not, as was the case in the past through military coups. leadership in the coalition Saad logistical initially declined to comment on the words of Alaa Makki, and describing what came in his non-logical, but he asked then, "How did the MP for the Iraqi Council of Representatives?", adding "It was through the ballot box and got his list a large number of votes and parliamentary seats Ahilthm to win 8 and ministries in the government of Nuri al-Maliki." logistical "The situation has changed a lot from the past, having been most of the governments is through military coups, it was the turn for democracy to take a wide range of Iraqi political life, as well as in the case of freedom of opinion and expression," adding that "what it says Mackie evidence the existence of democracy in Iraq, as opposed to the experience of Iraqi political freely and talk about it in front of the media to reverse than it was before the fall of the dictatorial regime. "However, leader of the coalition," perhaps understand democracy on the basis of partnership in governance, this is wrong, but is means the rule of the political majority at the elections fair ", following" There is a link from the Democratic Baath Party to return to power, or the rule of Al Qaeda, which is contrary to the Constitution. "