Iraq renewed its call to the National Conference in Sulaimaniyah

10/1/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - Iyad navigator - Radio Sawa called the Iraqi list to the formation of a committee of wise men has taken on the recommendations that will come out in the National Congress in the event of his contract, and renewed the invitation to hold the conference in the province of Sulaymaniyah . The MP for the Iraqi unit Jumaili told the "Radio Sawa" The list identified the themes that will be discussed at a national conference to be held later this month, and indicated that they were discussing the principle of national partnership and the need to accelerate the formation of the security ministries and "explaining Maliki disadvantages of autocracy . " She Jumaili to its list of demands the formation of a committee of wise men comprising representatives of the forces from within and outside the political process has taken on the decisions of the National Congress, also noted that the leaders of the Iraqi List, their fears of the conference in Baghdad because of what it described as targeting their political. and spins dispute over the venue of the National Congress has called on the parties to be held in Baghdad invited the other to be held in Erbil, while the parties sought to be held in Sulaymaniyah.

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