Legal representative: no fair elections without party law
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Thread: Legal representative: no fair elections without party law

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    Legal representative: no fair elections without party law

    Voice of Iraq)-twilight News/Legal Committee confirmed in house, Sunday, that the forthcoming elections will be fair without the party law, excluded at the same time certain hand stands against the enactment of this law.
    Member of the parliamentary legal Committee, Mohsen sadoon for "Twilight" newspaper that "any future election in the country would not be fair without a party law."
    The Council of Ministers approved, in March last year, the law on political parties in Iraq and sent to the House to vote on it.
    Saadun said that "Kurdistan could initiate a law of parties contributed to the Organization of political life in the region."
    The legal Committee in the Iraqi Council of representatives, earlier revealed a negative aspects in the draft law, the parties arrived at the House of representatives recently, noting that the draft law on political parties which are not consistent with the current political situation of the country, and his statements without modifications by eliminating pluralism in the country.

    And besides that, "the draft law submitted by the Government to House important modifications needed to conform with the Constitution, no one can stand against this legislation, the law and same displays all criticism".
    A number of Deputies discussed the current and former professionals in law, a draft law submitted by the parties of the House by 7 months, and read the first reading, the most prominent criticism through legal Committee Chairman in the House of Khaled shwani, who said that the draft submitted by the Government of Egypt did not accommodate pluralism copies in that country and led to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, calling for the introduction of experiences of democracies in organising this delicate subject.

    Political parties explained earlier, that there is a political party pushing for House to disable voting on a draft law on political parties, saying the law will reveal what many associated with external agendas
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    well that's interesting!

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