Maysan journalists receive bonuses today Alchdjaah second meal

10/1/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Architecture / Ibtisam Al Kaabi journalists Maysan receive bonuses today Alchdjaah (second meal), president of Federation of Journalists and the media branch of Maysan in a press statement today that its members Tzlmo Olchjaah bonuses today, now at 1200.000 million and two hundred thousand dinars from banks located in Maysan after it was activating their cards smart. And Ali Abdel Wahed Radi said the rewards come in the granting of journalists and media workers incentive great moral to promote their careers media and the State's care for them Besvhm men decision makers and Mthbto the pillars of the democratic process. He said Abdul Wahid that the EU appreciates the role and the patronage of the Prime Minister with the support of journalists and media professionals and are sustained, especially that these grants are modest gift from the Prime Minister for journalists to improve their standard of living. noting that the ministry will continue in the distribution of bonuses to journalists, artists and writers in the coming years through the smart card that has been received from the banks. called Radi journalists and media professionals Baltugeh to banks, Rafidain and its branches in Maysan in order to hand them their reward incentive as soon as possible. The branches of the Rafidain Bank in various governorates of Iraq have started more than nine months, the distribution of bonus the first incentive for journalists, writers and artists to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers included coverage of the Iraqi Journalists grant the prime minister like Baladaba and artists.

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