Vehicles equipped with transmission oil Visitors to 200 liters of fuel per day for free

10/1/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Baghdad said the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Tuesday, for the processing of government vehicles carrying visitors to 200 liters of fuel per day free of charge, as well as the distribution of 30 thousand gas cylinder on the Husseini processions, while the She noted that she distributed four billion liters of oil on the White citizens in 2011. The spokesman said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The ministry started the processing of all government vehicles that transport visitors to the city of Karbala with 200 liters of fuel (kerosene) per day, for the success of the visit forties in the province of Karbala. " Jihad said that "The oil ministry will be distributed to processions Husseiniya 30 thousand gas cylinder per day and 220 liters of fuel, kerosene," noting that "all products that are processed are distributed for free along with quantities of blankets and other supplies. " Jihad said that "the ministry harnessed all its capabilities to meet the needs of citizens and processions Husseiniya of oil derivatives, gasoline, kerosene, gas oil (kerosene), gas cylinders in the province during the visit." to a spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, that "the Oil Products Distribution Company of the Ministry of Oil equipped citizens with four billion liters of kerosene in 2011," pointing out that "the company and distributed kerosene smooth high and without delay starting in May of last year, 2011, through filling stations and yards the sale of oil and gas by tanker trucks that spread in all governorates of Iraq. " and distributed the Ministry of Commerce in the past years the card fuel to citizens, which contain coupons specifying the share of each family of the subjects of oil and gas, which holds the oil ministry is responsible for determining Kmyatema not less than 100 l of kerosene and two canisters of gas per month per family. Iraq has suffered from a major crisis in the availability of oil and white, especially in the winter season, has exacerbated the crisis after 2003, due to foot existing refineries and displays most of the tankers that transport petroleum products to armed operations. The visit to the forty-one of the most important religious events of the Shia Muslims, and is keen thousands of them to revive them by going to Karbala on foot, while the spread of thousands of processions and bodies on the roads leading to the city to accommodate visitors and provide food for them, have been targeted by armed groups in the past previous visitors to the roads leading to Karbala car bomb and improvised explosive devices.

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