Resignation of the Governor of the Central Swiss because his speculation in the currency

9/1/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - BERNE (Reuters) resigned as President Philipp Hildebrand Swiss National Bank (central bank) of the office on Monday, saying he could not prove he was not aware of the controversial treatment carried out by his wife in currency market, adding that he wanted to maintain the integrity of the bank. The resignation of Hildebrand, which come into immediate effect at a time to meet the parliamentarians Swiss to discuss the scandal that erupted last week after he sacked the Bank Sarsan employees leaked the details of the transaction for opponents of the policies of Hildebrand. refused to Hildebrand earlier left his post saying he had learned of the treatment carried out by his wife Kashiya day after its implementation, denying allegations reported by magazine felt Kh Swiss that he personally authorized the deal. and apologized Kashiya Hildebrand on Monday, the Swiss people and her husband about the treatment that cost him his job. and said after the announcement of her resignation, "I have betrayed my husband not to take into account the concept of conflict of interest caused by my order of dollars ... my husband a man of integrity and I am very very sorry because my actions may have led to doubt that. "

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