The head of the Liberals, "Bahaa al-Araji," calls for the political blocs to unite to be loud for the world to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
since 9 hours 7 minutes

Called the head of the parliamentary Liberal "Bahaa al-Araji," all the political blocs to unite their efforts and energies to provide a strong voice to be loud to the world the need to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. He stressed that the completion of Iraq's sovereignty remains incomplete unless it is to expel Iraq from Chapter VII. He pointed out that the political differences at present between the political blocs of artificial entities that do not want Iraq to be recovering, and that the Centre plays an active role in regional and international situation, especially after the political spring.

He added, "al-Araji," that Iraqi sovereignty had not been discussed so far since the exit of the occupier, and even Port Mubarak did not stand on the fact that certain political blocs had not met to discuss this national issue.

Araji and that "Iraq has completed the first step of the sovereignty of the exit of the occupiers and we are the second step is removing Iraq from Chapter VII.