Economist: Iraq to move to cancel the debt owed ​​to the Arab

Baghdad (news)

Noted economic expert Abdalhassan Shammari the importance of moving toward the Iraqi diplomat Arab countries to cancel debts and build upon national economy discreet. Al-Shammari said in a statement to the Agency (news) on Sunday: that Iraq possesses a huge investment and can attract all the countries in the world to him. He said: that Iraq's oil wealth and will have great power actors in the international oil market, able to exploit this power in order to put pressure on Arab countries to cancel debts, because most European countries and East Asia canceled debts owed ​​by Iraq. He noted that Egypt would send a delegation to Iraq in order to invest in the country and claim to debts owed ​​by the Iraqi government at a time when Egypt refused to cancel the interest on the amount of labor of Egyptians working in Iraq since the eighties of the last century. The Shammari the Iraqi state to impose conditions on the countries that invest in the country which granted privileges to the interests of Iraq and its people Kalghae debt or interest in the promotion of the Iraqi economy. The economic expert: most of the world into wars large and fighting to build its economy, but Iraq is so far not played the real role of the actor in the region to develop its economy.

It is noteworthy that Egypt planned to send a large economic delegation to Iraq, including seven ministers to negotiate with the Iraqi side and the demand to pay their debts and finance their desire to invest in Iraq.