Imams of Friday and the group in Iraq were holding an emergency conference in Najaf (MNA)
On: Sun 08/01/2012 12:07

Under the slogan "Islamic awakening our way to achieve social justice and empowerment of national sovereignty in Iraq", the Office of the Friday Prayer and the Community Foundation Ahlgre of Knowledge Islamic Najaf Najaf, the conference emergency to study and discuss the developments and the latest developments in Iraq and the presence of a large number of imams in Friday and the group in Iraq and the representatives of the religious leaders and professors and students of the Hawza of Najaf, the conference also saw the presence of representative of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in the Iraqi parliament, Mr. Ali Add Keywords to a delegation of scientists from the south of the Sunnis.

Sheikh Qasim al-Hashemi, the Conference, said "The conference emergency Friday Prayer and the community to celebrate the departure of foreign troops from Iraq first, and to discuss developments and the political pressure the last in the country, especially Altgmabat among a group of blocks", which He added that "the conference will be held at the level of religious scholars Imams of Friday and the group to confirm the need for judicial independence and away from politicization in order to discharge its responsibilities in the trial of the criminals who have committed crimes, whatever their positions and responsibilities in the state." Hashemi said that "the conference also emphasizes the fairness of the Iraqi people in light of these political developments by politicians, and stand in front of lawlessness and political differences that Aatdharr from behind, but the sons of the people."

Sheikh Ali al-Najafi, the son of the reference Bashir al-Najafi, said in a speech of religious reference "Dear participants thankful to God for the withdrawal of occupation of your country of freedom the truth to the people of Iraq and out of the dependency of foreign politically, economically and culturally," "Our role now is important in the dissemination of culture and awareness among people through down to the street and seize the opportunity to raise awareness and forty Alammerpalmarov and Prevention of Vice and the building of Iraqi society in the light of Islamic teachings. "

Representative of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments in the House of Representatives, Mr. on the Keywords transfer at the beginning of his speech, the greetings of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his wishes for a successful conference and congratulated the audience the departure of the occupation and delivered to Iraq full sovereignty over the land, expressing that the Iraqi people grew up and learned from the House (peace be upon them) honor The pride was not a slave to the occupier or under him and has stood all his face all the stiffness and strength. Description of Keywords years that have passed on Iraq by saying I have "things came to Iraq wills many want to impede the march of Iraq and its people from the ousted regime and the repressive apparatus and the crimes they committed against the people, worked hard to Oid Awakening in Iraq and a shift of significant progress in the country and there are a lot of the wills of other working to transform its conflict with the existence and the foreign entity inside Iraq, turned some countries struggle with the U.S. presence to the Iraqi arena and pushed our people the price of this conflict, and there was a group of Iraqi politicians belonged to the political process, but did not belong Antmea real wanted to gain through the political process to achieve the goals of the Baath Varmint.

He continues, "has these forces find all the obstacles to economic development and urban and all areas and there was the will of the evil of corrupt traitors of the people and thieves of public funds and absorb food and the people's money as well as the will of the international planned strongly to that Aathol Iraq into a country of great cultural can play a significant role in the region and which (Israel) tried to extend to Iraq through multiple addresses some media and some companies, security and economic and trade these wills were offset by the will of the free and dignified is the will of the Iraqi people and on his head and Aoukdh foremost authority in Najaf, which led the compass to safety, stability and national unity, brotherhood and non-sectarian violence and civil war. "

Representative of Sheikh Khalid Al Mulla, head of Jamiat Ulema-Iraq / Southern Branch Sheikh Mohammed Blasm alive in his blood of the martyrs who died at the hands of the occupying infidel by their resistance to the noble of this presence, which resulted in extricating themselves humiliation of this country and who brought joy and happiness in the hearts of Iraqis and Muslims around the Islamic world calling on the Almighty to live the martyrs rest in Paradise. Blasm Sheikh concluded his speech to thank the Foundation Ahlgre and its Secretary-General to set up this conference, which is an opportunity for the convergence of ideas with the collection of the best and top of the imams of Friday and the group in our beloved Iraq.