Baghdad, home to the National Conference later this month

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
Decided the meetings that took place during the 72 hours the place and the National Congress of the year, according to a source of political «morning». The source said it was agreed to hold the meeting in the capital Baghdad, has also been agreed on a date likely it is the end of this month. The source noted that the the case of Tariq al-Hashemi will not be discussed during the conference, as will be examined one sack Saleh al-Mutlaq and the suspension of the presence of ministers and deputies of Iraq to the meetings of the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, stating that the conference will discuss the files and other national and not just on the Iraq crisis only. He said that President Jalal Talabani seeks to »reset Crisis », not resolved according to the give the« drug »of the crisis, he said. He called on the President in a speech on behalf of the President of the Kurdish bloc parliamentary Fuad Masum, during the celebration central for the Islamic Dawa Party on the occasion of Iraq, the need to overcome this dangerous phase through understanding spirit of the Constitution and the agreements under which the formation of the current government, with Prime National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari in the celebration that took place yesterday that «the responsibility that falls to us after the U.S. withdrawal is to devote all of our energy in order to rally the resources and the development of services, including comparable to developed countries ». and Talabani had discussed in Sulaimaniya with a delegation from the Iraqi List, headed by Dr. Iyad Allawi, head of the list the current political crisis. He said a presidential statement issued by the Office of Talabani received (morning) a copy of it, he was in the meeting to discuss ways and the importance of intensifying efforts to dismantle the crisis the current political, and create a suitable platform of dialogue and joint action that contributes to the political breakthrough and lead the direction of work in order to focus on the common points among all political factions. The statement continued: he «In light of the results of this meeting and other events and communications-intensive of the President of the Republic during the last few days, it is hoped to continue President Talabani of these efforts soon in Baghdad, and start meeting the summit to put the finishing touches to meet anticipated that brings together Iraqi leaders to find a solution to a critical and comprehensive of all issues through the National Conference of the year. There was an atmosphere of optimism on the political class after a positive meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al. described the politicians and analysts that a meeting last Thursday was a gesture to create the atmosphere and land suitable for the National Conference and the separation between the work of the legislature executive and political differences and resolve the adoption of dialogue, stressing in statements »Sabah», on the importance of adhering to national principles and agreements to maintain the political process, security and stability of Iraq.