Aide to Barzani calls for a referendum on independence for Kurdistan

8.1.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Sulaymaniyah, a student leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, the Kurdish leaders to go at the request of the parliament in the Kurdistan region to make a decision to hold a referendum to decide the fate of Kurdistan, whether to declare a Kurdish state or stay within the Iraqi state. said Adham Barzani, a relative of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and one of his aides, in yet on the social networking site "Facebook", "the leaders of the Kurdistan ask Parliament to take a crucial decision on the referendum on the future of Kurdistan, and ask people to respond to Q Are they with to stay in the framework of Iraq, or the Declaration of Independence. " The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, warned a few days ago that if the problems persist in Iraq as it exists now, will return the Kurds to the Kurdish parliament, asserting that "Whatever the opinion of the people of Kurdistan We will implement it. " He said Barzani, "If the opinion of the people of Kurdistan even claim to independence, I can not then stand deduced from that," noting, "I want to Kurdistan to evolve day by day, but it remains my hope really is to see an independent Kurdistan." before, and the many of the Kurdish leaders that emphasized on numerous occasions that their commitment to the unity of Iraqi territory depends on the commitment of Baghdad by the Constitution and federalism, democracy and pluralism. It is noted political observers in the Kurdistan region, that the independence of South Sudan on the ninth day of July, fueling nationalist sentiments of the Kurds, as raised have many questions on the "right to self-determination", and the dream of establishing their own state in parts of Greater Kurdistan. The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said in his speech to the thirteenth Conference of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, led, on 11 December 2010, the right of self-determination For the Kurdish people will be put in the conference, sparking reactions positive within the region and different outside. The Barzani to Kurdish people, like other nations and peoples "have the right to self-determination," adding that his party believes claim the right to self-determination and the struggle to achieve this goal. and witness Many of the Kurdish areas in Iran, Turkey and Syria, is very active to take the side of it, nature armed, as in Iran and Turkey, as well as political activity shows as is the situation in Syria and now Turkey. and present the Kurds in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran and opposed to those countries in general, any step of the separation but all except Iraq faces strongly nationalist of the Kurds, including the establishment of autonomy for them. and had to give the Kurds the founding of the Republic of Mahabad in the far north west of Iran around the city of Mahabad which was its capital, and the mini-state short-lived is not recognized internationally backed by a Soviet republic Kurdish established in 1946 and contributed doing alliance Qazi Mohammed with Mullah Mustafa Barzani, but pressure from the shah to the United States, which pressed turn on the Soviet Union was enough to withdraw Soviet troops from Iranian territory and the Iranian government to drop the Republic of Mahabad after 11 months of the declaration was executed Qazi Muhammad in March 31, 1947 in a public square in the city of Mahabad and Mustafa Barzani fled with a group of fighters from the region.

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