Al Abbadi: sovereignty means that the Iraqis take care of their own

07.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - BAGHDAD (Iba) The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Haider Abadi, that sovereignty means that the Iraqis take care of their interests by themselves and choose their candidates themselves through the ballot box, and without sovereignty is incomplete. He said in his speech at the celebration day Iraq, which was brought by the Dawa Party today: the leaders of political blocs have sworn to respect and uphold the Constitution and respect for the people, and may not be that there will be agreements on this section or that exceeds the Constitution. Abbadi said: that the Constitution approved the separation of three powers and must respect of this matter, and not overrun him and he had not the authority of the parties on these authorities. He continued, must be the foundations of the State of citizenship based on systems of moral and not only just to win elections and that makes them forget the foundations of the state ethics. stressed Abadi, the need to defend the victorious parties of the poor and the weak and the care of the underprivileged classes, and shall ensure the equitable distribution of wealth in order to not be there class differences in society.

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