Sadr calls for Iraq to open an embassy in the United States the level of its embassy in Baghdad

6.1.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Baghdad demanded the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, opening the Embassy of Iraq in the United States the level of its embassy in Baghdad, to maintain the prestige of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq and "parked" on our land from fire who did not lay down their arms. Sadr said in a statement issued today, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, that "the competent authorities to open the Embassy of Iraq in Washington, equivalent to the U.S. Embassy in Iraq," stressing that "this will save the prestige of Iraq and maintains U.S. Embassy perched in Iraq came under fire from not disarm. " The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, seen in the 22 of October 2011, the survival of staff in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad after the year 2011, occupiers and must be resisted. The bloc demanded the white in the 21 Last October, the Iraqi government to conduct a full inventory of the number of staff at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to prevent the addition of American soldiers under the slogan of multiple, warning of the addition of any soldier or member of staff the U.S. embassy being will get immunity under the mantle of the embassy which was rejected by the people. revealed United States of America in the 25 April 2011, that its embassy in Baghdad will have 16 thousand people between the diplomat and agent after the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, saying it will increase many Iraqi workers have. It is noteworthy that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is the largest Embassy in the United States in the world, because of the magnitude of the space established by the campus security surrounding the buildings, as established in one of the presidential palaces of the President of the former Iraqi regime, in addition to the large number of diplomats assigned to work in, which has about two thousand employees, which gives an impression of the role of chief of the embassy in the conduct of the tide in Iraq after the handover of power, and the former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, said in an interview a former journalist, it is "not the Embassy of normal in all shapes, and the reason is the size of the challenges faced by the Iraqi government invited us to stay in the country with a view to help them." and ended the United States of America official presence in Iraq in December of 2011, under the agreement signed between the two countries in 2008, nine years after the invasion of its military forces in 2003, and the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein, a decision of the former U.S. President George W. Bush. Iraq has signed and the United States, during the In 2008, the Framework Agreement strategy to support the ministries and agencies of the Iraqi transition from the strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, based on the Strategic Framework Agreement and to reduce the number of reconstruction teams in the provinces, as well as providing important sustainable rule of law, including the police development program The completion of the coordination, supervision and report to the Fund for Iraq relief and reconstruction.

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