National Coalition and Iraqi forces emphasize the primacy of public interest and to avoid escalation of the media

6.1.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - where the contract acres of the National Alliance and the Iraqi List, the meeting emphasized the move away from the media and discussed the escalation of the solutions that will heal the relationship between the parties. The meeting was chaired by the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari and was attended by all representatives of the political blocs affiliated to them. A statement from the office-Jaafari said he had been during the meeting, discuss the solutions that will heal the relationship between the parties, in addition to the discussion of files with different views for the purpose of finding effective solutions that receive Bdilalha on the political process in the country. The two sides stressed the need to strengthen national unity and cooperation to find giving priority to public interest. The two sides stressed the move away from the war of which affect the course of discussions between the parties. called the National Alliance to end the members of the Iraqi List, dropping out from the meetings of both houses of parliament, ministers, and to continue attending, which enhances in finding opportunities to the success of the political process and move forward with it. by another delegation emphasized the Iraqi List, headed by Mr. Salman Jumaili the need to continue and sustain the meetings between the two sides to resolving the problems and get out to see the national interest of the country, and pointed out that his bloc would seriously consider at its next meeting a decision end the boycott and join up with the government.

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