Maliki confirms that Iraq today is a democratic country where the exercise of freedoms and move and see a development in all fields

An interview of the Prime Minister stresses that Iraq today is a democratic country where the exercise of freedoms and witness a movement and development in all areas, said Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki that Iraq was able to be a democratic state, which has a free policy and the media, which is undergoing a movement in the political, economic, social, after settling, which happened in the security aspect.

This came during an interview with the sovereignty of Al-Manar TV, and broadcast the interview in full later determined by the channel. And Mr. Prime Minister that the presence of U.S. troops is undecided , will end at the end of this year, according to what has been agreed upon, there will be no presence of any foreign troops, and the question of the existence of experts and trainers with the purchase of weapons, it is normal and is applied universally.

The sovereignty: today, all working to solve problems, and refer to the the matter to the Constitution, it is important that everyone discovered that he can not live and the state administration but by all parties. Mr Prime Minister: we went was to develop the economy and the best investment of wealth and its fair distribution, and promotion and development rapidly in various fields.