[BondLady] letís bring in a couple of articles an talk about them before i need to go
[BondLady] brb let me get a couple i liked today

Agencies - Predicted MP from the State of Law coalition Ihsan al-Awadi, the return of the Iraqi List, to the meetings of the Council of Representatives and the Council of Ministers in order to avoid the losses suffered after its withdrawal, and Olney Vkdankha most important to the confidence of the street. Al Awadi said in a press statement: "The Iraqi List has everything that is contrary, starting from the province of Parliament and the Council of Ministers, through to send a complaint to the U.S. Vice President Biden, ending with the rigid positions." He pointed out that: The Iraqi efforts failed, foiled, planning to influence the political process. https://alrayy.com/39206.htm

[BondLady] ok letís go over a few of these
[BondLady] see allawi had 1 thing left he could do
[BondLady] was to actually quit sayin he was walkin out and just do it
[BondLady] for the last 9 months i been tellin yall how much easier a majority gov would be
[BondLady] how much easier a majority vote for these laws would become
[BondLady] if allawi would just go on an kick rocks
[BondLady] all he has is 1 agenda
[BondLady] to make malikis gov fail
[BondLady] he donít care about iraq or its people
[BondLady] and when push came to shove and his cry baby fits couldnít get him anywhere any more
[BondLady] he walked out takin a big number of people with him
[BondLady] when hashemi was brought up on terrorism charges
[BondLady] allawi thought hey i could be next
[BondLady] as he does have ties which goes back to the wedding massacre
[BondLady] and if hashemi is guilty of these terrorist acts
[BondLady] an allawi hates maliki with his whole being
[BondLady] then thereís a good chance more bad things lay hidden from view within the iraqiya bloc
[BondLady] that we will have to let play out
[BondLady] this article talks about
[BondLady] they need to all get on the same page
[Fast Eddie] BondLady I found something I think back up what you say about Alawii
[BondLady] and do whatís right for iraq and not personal interests
[BondLady] ty eddie
[BondLady] also
[BondLady] when allawi starts losing he runs to diff countries askin them cryin to them for help
[BondLady] he says itís to save iraq
[BondLady] but thatís not what is in his heart
[BondLady] what heís really sayin is help me get my way
[BondLady] after he sent letters to my newspaper
[BondLady] and to washington
[BondLady] threw some names around
[BondLady] 1 of them comes back an says hey i donít know why my name was in that letter i didnít have anything to do with that
[BondLady] an even to the point of implying when he wrote Washington
[BondLady] hey even though you just pulled your troops out it might be ok to bring them back in to get control of maliki
[BondLady] exactly what they donít want
[BondLady] but then again allawi isnít doin what any of iraq wants
[BondLady] he has his own agenda
[BondLady] so if heís not in the process of passing the laws which needs desperately to be passed
[BondLady] he needs to just go on down the road
[BondLady] so then after his desperate lasts attempts to stir up more trouble some of the blocs that left with him started leaving him
[BondLady] basically sayin hey man we didnít sign up for all this crap

[BondLady] we walked out of parl for what we assumed was good reasons
[BondLady] not this selfish agenda allawi has and bringing down maliki only
[BondLady] let me grab another article brb

[Fast Eddie] here is the link to what I found that could back up what you said about Alawii being next on the list

[BondLady] And berries announce officially withdraws from the list of Allawi and "law" denies relationship with clefts list 01/01/2012 12:10 Baghdad, January 1 / Enyerakaneoz) - MP Alexander and berries withdrawal from the Iraqi List, for what he can stimulate the political blocs to take serious positions to end the political crisis, while denied the rule of law its relationship to what it calls Palanhqaqat that took place in the movement of reconciliation. The Alexander and berries, a deputy from for security and defense committee, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "withdrew from the Iraqi List, as a pressure to change the reality and end the political differences and that Iraq has taken character sectarian and off course and program that we have entered the elections on this basis." He added that "the political process in the country does not accept the continuation of the differences between the blocks President of Parliament over this limit must be put an end to these differences. "
[BondLady] The members of the list led by Iyad Allawi, in the province of Najaf had announced their withdrawal from the list because of what they called marginalization, exclusion and orientation sectarian. and decided the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, County Council of Ministers and the Parliament over the background the escalation of political differences with the coalition of state law. accused the movement of Allawi, the rule of law to attract leaders in the south. He has threatened last week that he will resort to fire a minister is boycotting the meetings of the Cabinet that the decision to boycott violates the Constitution. For his part, denied a coalition of law relationship Palanhqaqat witnessed by Allawi's list this month in the provinces of Najaf and Dhi Qar. A spokesman for the Coalition to Alfalh (Rn), "nothing to do with state law Palanhqaqat that took place in the National Accord Movement, headed by Allawi." He added that "to talk about the will of the state law is trying to pull leaders of the movement of reconciliation, claims no truth to it and come out of frustration caused by such withdrawals. and decided the Iraqi List, sponsored by Iyad Allawi, County Council of Ministers and House of Representatives against the backdrop of rising tensions and political differences with the coalition of state law. Maliki was threatened last week that he will resort to the sacking of the minister

[BondLady] who would boycott Council of Ministers that the decision of the sections unconstitutional. and asked al-Maliki's recent Iraqi Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from a leading political Saleh al-Mutlaq, a deputy prime minister on the grounds that he lacks confidence in the political process. Fimaoalent and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (119/12/201) for the issuance of the note arrest against Tarek al-Hashemi in accordance with Article 4 (terrorism), as offered to the confessions of three members of the protection of al-Hashemi in which they Petklifam by Hashemi to carry out assassinations and detonate explosive devices since 2009. He denied Hashemi, the charges against him and questioned the confessions offered by the Iraqiya television Monday to members of the of protection said they were "carrying out the killings on his orders," and demanded the transfer of the investigation to the Kurdistan region. Hashemi and al-Mutlaq, leader of the Iraqi bloc, a group of secular nature, and joined reluctantly to the unity government led by al-Maliki. boycotted the Iraqi sessions of Representatives and the Minister in recent times, complaining of a they are being marginalized, although it the largest single bloc in the Council. intensified the political struggle between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his rivals in the fragile agreement to share power in conjunction with the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops from Iraq.

[BondLady] and being politicians, senior Iraqi talks with al-Maliki and other leaders to contain the situation for fear of exacerbating the crisis could push Iraq back into the midst of sectarian turmoil. and made the United States, which ended its military presence in the December 18 the past, concern about the political situation in Iraq, as told U.S. Vice President in a telephone conversation President Minister Nuri al-Maliki and House of Representatives Osama Najafi's "concern" his country of the political situation in Iraq.