Banana Berry Shake Recipe and other treats with coconut oil
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Thread: Banana Berry Shake Recipe and other treats with coconut oil

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    Banana Berry Shake Recipe and other treats with coconut oil

    The shake recipe can be adjusted with higher coconut oil content for therapeutic purposes.

    Banana Berry Shake

    Recipe for 1 single meal replacement or treat

    2 eggs*
    2 T coconut oil (extra virgin or virgin)
    1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
    2 cups frozen mixed berries use more if you like
    1 frozen banana (freezing just makes the shake taste thicker)
    2 cups boiling water**
    3-4 cups ice cubes***
    Stevia to taste if needed


    Step 1
    Into large blender add:
    coconut oil
    protein powder

    Step 2:
    Start blender running
    pour boiling water over eggs, oil and protein powder
    continue blending ingredients about 60 seconds

    Step 3:
    With blender running gradually add the ice cubes to the hot liquid.
    Touching outside of blender bowl continue adding ice cubes until contents are very cold You may want to use more ice to reach the cold stage.

    To cold mixture:
    Add frozen berries blending until smoothe
    Add frozen banana blending until smoothe

    Taste test. The shake should be plenty sweet. If you like it sweeter add Stevia or other sweetener to taste.

    Use immediately
    Leftovers can be stored in covered blender bowl or container in refrigerator to finish later

    *EGGS You may omit the eggs if unappealing but remember the same ingredient goes into most ice cream. The shake is much creamier with eggs. Eggs are an easily assimilated source of protein. Using the eggs lightly cooked preserves their natural Omega 3s. Overcooking eggs destroys Omega 3s. So this way of using eggs is one of the best sources of Omega 3s from eggs.

    **boiling water pasteurizes the eggs and liquifies the coconut oil.

    ***adding ice cubes quickly cools the hot ingredients. You don't want the hot ingredients to "cook" the fresh fruit. Frozen fruit is used to further cool the shake. The cold temperature achieved with ice and frozen fruit will thicken the coconut oil thus thickening the shake and making it taste creamier.


    How to Freeze Bananas
    These are a nice substitute for an ice cream craving.

    To freeze bananas peel them first. (peels turn black and mushy in freezer) Then roll them up in plastic wrap and freeze. They will remain their normal color if the peels are removed.

    You can actually bite right through a frozen banana. Or remove from freezer for a couple minutes before eating for softer banana.

    Keep frozen bananas on hand for the shake recipe too.

    Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas
    Frozen bananas can be coated with a chocolate coconut oil syrup that hardens like an ice cream syrup. Remove the banana from freezer. Coat with chocolate syrup. Return to freezer wrapped in saran-type plastic wrap.

    Chocolate Coconut Oil Syrup
    1 part organic unsweetened cocoa powder (from health store)
    3 parts virgin coconut oil that has been liquified.*
    Sweetener to taste (I prefer Stevia)

    * A few seconds in the microwave will liquify the coconut oil for this recipe. Don't overdo it, just liquify it. In Summer the coconut oil will likely liquify in the jar in your cupboard from higher kitchen temps. It will harden in winter in cooler kitchens.


    Step 1
    Liquify coconut oil in microwave or otherwise
    Add cocoa powder stirring until completely dissolved.
    Sweeten to taste with Stevia or favorite sweetener

    Pour syrup over the frozen banana. Chocolate coating will harden at once. Place in freezer for a few minutes before eating.

    You can wrap and return the chocolate covered bananas to the freezer for later use. Store several wrapped bananas in a gallon size zip lock baggie.

    If you read the ingredients in store-bought chocolate ice cream toppings the ones that harden on contact contain coconut oil. Coconut oil hardens below 76 degrees and it also liquifies above 76 degrees. That's why it hardens on contact with cold ice cream.

    Chocolate Freezer Candy

    Prepare about 1/2-1 cup chocolate syrup depending on number of ice cube trays you are preparing. Use the ratio of 1 part cocoa powder to 3 parts coconut oil for any amount of syrup. Sweeten accordingly.

    Using an ice cube tray fill the ice cube holes with a variety of these items:

    Step 1
    Per ice cube hole add one of the following choices:
    ..raw Macadamia nuts * 2 per cube hole
    ..frozen banana chunk about 1/2 inch thick
    ..1/2-1 frozen strawberry
    ..1 frozen blackberry
    ..2 frozen raspberries
    ..3-4 frozen blueberries
    Or mix them up

    Step 2
    Pour chocolate syrup into each cube hole to cover

    Step 3
    Return ice cube tray to freezer to harden the chocolate through. The candies can be eaten after 10-20 minutes in freezer or saved in ziplock bags in freezer for conveniece.

    Note: I keep the frozen berries on hand so I can make a new batch without going shopping. These cold treats have a way of disappearing fast. Just sayin...

    These candies are to be eaten cold within minutes outside the you would eat ice cream

    * Macadamias, unlike other nuts, contain the same kind of fat as coconut oil. That fat raises metabolism so burns faster. Macadamias also taste better frozen that other kinds of nuts.

    Chocolate Coocnut Oil Brittle
    Using the same syrup recipe scatter some nuts of your choice on a cookie sheet. Pour the syrup over the tray. Place in freezer 10-20 minutes. Break up the brittle and if you don't eat it all on the spot place pieces into a large ziplock baggie for later.

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    Re: Banana Berry Shake Recipe and other treats with coconut oil

    Yummy looking recipes... and oh please if you are concerned for nutrition.. throw away the microwave! It changes the molecular structure of foods!!! Do your research!!!

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