Khalid Al-Alwani: We will continue to boycott parliament until the government's response to the demands of existing
On: Sun 01/01/2012 8:36

Baghdad (news) .. MP said / coalition in Iraq / Khaled al-Alwani, the continuity of meetings between the leaders of political blocs were part of the coalition in Iraq to discuss how to get out of the current crisis, stressing continue the existing suspension of its membership in the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers until the achievement of their legitimate demands.

Said al-Alwani in a statement (for the Agency news) on Sunday: that all the political blocs were part of the coalition in Iraq confirmed during their meetings they continue to suspend the membership of the deputies within the Council and the District of their ministers attend the Council of Ministers unless the government responds to the demands of existing legitimate implementation of what remained of the Convention on Erbil and not targeting Rmosalaracah and launch release of detainees who have not stained their hands with blood.

He noted that there was a response from some of the blocks were part of the National Alliance of Liberals these demands as a bloc and the National Reform.
The MP for the coalition in Iraq: If state law does not respond to the demands of Iraq, we will work to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, in agreement with a number of blocs because many of the political blocs complaining of marginalization and exclusion and the tyranny of the rule of law in the decision-making.

The Iraqi List, has decided to suspend the membership of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives until the implementation of their demands
, including the failure to charge the list of being behind the events of Diyala, as well as the release of innocent detainees, and to make Iraq a key partner in decision-making political and security, as well as the outside.

And take the head of the Badr parliamentary and MP / National Alliance / Qassim al-Araji, the suspension of the Iraqi List in parliament, damage to the political process and the Iraqi people.

They said in an earlier statement (the news): The Iraqi List to return to work within the House of Representatives, being a real partner in the state, it is necessary to let go with his victory all the Iraqis in this matter, adding that the comments in the Iraqi parliament, damage to the political process and the Iraqi people, as it disrupts a bit of work of the Council of Representatives. / End / 21.'s. meters /